Daily Devotions

Refuse Guilt

Right-standing with God persuades us to disbelieve and resist guilt. Even if we don’t see the Lord moving in a natural sense, we can be assured by His loving presence, despite issues that condemn us.

Guilt connects a person to the judgment God assigned to Satan – Satan is judged but you are forgiven. Jesus came to give you life. Choose confidence in His love. Refuse guilt!

Guilt is based in unbelief but mature faith refuses guilt. Instead of guilt’s agent of evil, our Lord speaks by His Spirit directly to our human spirit — guilt is a death arrow, God’s Spirit the agent of divine rescue.

Guilt exalts soul-desire over the spirit walk. Guilt is a survivor, returning again and again to influence our motivations. In the same way that the loss of breath precedes the loss of life, the things we breath in sustains life but the things we feel guilty about sustain patterns of loss or lack.

Instead of allowing the spiritual force of guilt to dictate, the Lord wants to speak to your heart about any sin on your part plus your involvement in the sin of others. Sin invites guilt so never compromise the issue of sin, and never require someone else to carry blame for your sin or the sin of another person.

Placing blame assigns guilt. Release any person you’ve held prisoner through guilt, anyone you’ve judged “guilty”. Release yourself as well. Disconnect with, and refuse the influence of guilt and the evil spirit of guilt will leave you.

God has not given you a spirit of fear (of being guilty) but of power, and love, and a sound mind!


John 16

Mentored By Someone

We grow mentally and spiritually from what we learn and every learning opportunity is valuable; but if I could choose between being taught just to learn, or instruction for God-centered, mature leadership in the process, I’d choose the latter, believing God for an impartation of wisdom and lifestyle qualities from my teacher.  

I believe Christian discipleship is precisely that way—mentorship with impartation, a critical part of Christian training with maturity its understood goal. it’s precisely the part needed to confront hostilities from the dark side and impact the culture with light!

That said, we should acknowledge the blessing of seasoned, God-focused mentors. Compare their teaching to teaching with no study and therefore no mention of God’s Word or prayer or Christian principles, drawing instead from ideas more humanistic than Christian, results more about “knowledge” than spiritual truth.

“Above all, take up the shield of faith.” Think of the shield of faith as a word from God, able to quench Satan’s strategies and methods. Any other resistance is limited to merely human qualities like good thoughts, personal goodness, or elaborate and expensive methods. Unfortunately, when Satan comes to destroy, none of those will work.

In spiritual battles, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you live. It matters that you’re armed with the Word of God to resist opposition from the enemy of your soul. That’s why we value mature mentors who know to give God’s word first place is every situation and mentor others to do the same.


Romans 1:11 | Psalm 119:11 | Ephesians 6:16 | Verses@Once

Self Judge

[You have called me a garden, she said] Oh, I pray that the [cold] north wind and the [soft] south wind may blow upon my garden, that its spices may flow out [in abundance for you in whom my soul delights. (Song of Solomon 6:16, AMP)

In Song of Solomon the Shulamite maiden is likened to a garden. Acknowledging the distinction, she invites both harsh and gentle winds to blow upon her – hot and cold, strong and soft. Cool, soft breezes for enjoyment and more powerful winds to release her fragrance, the spices of her garden.

In a similar way you are the Lord’s garden. Matters of Kingdom life sometimes seem harsh but, for perspective, consider the concept of judgment: Seemingly harsh, judgment often is the divine means to a desirable end; judgment brings pressure that magnifies; judgment exposes without discrimination, both good and bad and in the process, we are free to choose, to discard the bad while strengthening the good.

God’s people are His garden, well-watered through biblical fasting: His redeemed people . . . shall be as a well-watered garden, a people who shall not sorrow any more at all. For us, judgment is a distinction. Our merciful Lord judges, and we also judge, our lives, producing change based on “judgment” of what is right for us, and what is not.


Song of Solomon 4:16, NLT | Isaiah 58:11 | Jeremiah 31:12 | 1 Corinthians 11:31 | Verses@OnceSelf

Relationship & Covenant

“Yet the Lord would not destroy the house of David, because of the covenant He had made with David, and since He had promised to give a lamp to him and to his sons forever. (2Chronicles 21:7)

Connections are important and we are naturally drawn to some people more than others but in choosing the right people to join ourselves to, we can discern by the Spirit those the Lord approves. It’s our responsibility to guard those connections, placing relationships, associations and covenants before the Lord, inquiring of Him and seeking His direction.

Keep in mind the Lord often leads us to break a connection – when He does, don’t delay. In your heart, make the decision and then because the process will take time, ask wise men and women to watch for you. Right choices and plans are provided but we ultimately choose who and when, why and where.

The relationships I choose can prosper or drain me, nurture success for my future or lead me to heartache or loss. In every relationship the Lord wants to lead but ultimately, the choice and responsibility for the outcome are mine. Bottom line, the people I choose to spend time define my future and determine my limitations and possibilities.


2 Chronicles 21, NKJV | 2 Chronicles 21, NLT | Proverbs 14:34 | Verses@Once

Divine Spin

We presently live in a Bible time referred to as the end of days and this generation especially is living at the end of those end-days. Consistent with prophecy, the world is shaking and the resulting whirlwinds wear down the human spirit, actually a design of Satan carried out by devilish forces.

Also consistent with prophecy, many things are beyond our control. Those things spin with facts devilishly distorted to heighten emotion, create confusion, and ultimately pull as many as possible into the spin. It’s why an end-time believer’s specialty in prayer is priceless! You cannot put a price on prayers prayed in fervent faith or sufficiently thank those who pray them.

Today we see that people who know God are strong and do exploits. The enemy-destroyer is Satan but our Lord is Champion and Deliverer – He prepares us before the storm.

We take our position on the Lord’s side so ours is a different spin, the norm for us is the divine whirlwinds of God! With authority over the chaos and spin, we prove the Word, given ahead of time for this time. As we pray, the Lord is magnified – judgment against actions, mercy for those responsible.

Make this declaration: I speak to chaotic whirlwind-situations 1) the Lordship of Jesus Christ with deliverance to separate people from chaos, 2) an uncovering of deception and a way of escape for those marked for righteousness, 3) and an established faith with the power of God beyond conventional wisdom for divine results.


Daniel 11:32-33 | 1Corinthians 2:5 | Job 38-40 | Verses@Once

Where Did You Invest?

We invest years of our lives—in relationships or career, in philosophies or movements or doctrines—and later realize those investments claimed precious time we may never reclaim. All those minutes, days, and weeks, often for something that wasn’t even God’s plan for us. Then, in an “aha” moment, we see the mistake and seek the Lord for a fix, to heal related stresses and emotional trauma and deliver us from the mess we’ve created.

At a critical point like this make time your investment – you’ll need time to undo some things and regroup. Allow the Lord’s discipline to work salvation, for you and others affected by your decisions. Otherwise, the heart that initially invested in the wrong thing will do it again, and probably sooner than you’d ever imagine. The flesh side is predictably like that and the soul side is remarkably cooperative.

Not so the spirit! Inspired by God’s Spirit, the human spirit is a divine spotlight, searching inner depths of the heart, revealing the root causes of wrong choices and motives for why we do what we do. By His Spirit, the Lord reaches

So use this time of waiting wisely – invest it. Feed your spirit. Wait for the Lord – He is beside and behind you. If you will wait, you’ll find Him just ahead of you so don’t get ahead of Him. Your mistake before was failing to stay with the Lord; instead, you took the lead and did not believe Him, you trusted in your own strength and spent your reserves but didn’t achieve the hoped-for result.

Another thing while waiting, be real. Don’t reach for your wallet, practically or spiritually. If you merely refinance the mistake you’re still stuck. So rather than refinance, re-invest: Stop laboring to receive His will from the world and learn to receive everything from the Kingdom—His is the Kingdom. He has gone ahead of you and will secure for you everything you’ll need. Receive it.

Best of all, the Kingdom of God is not shaking. Invest there.


Proverbs 20:27 | 2Peter 3:9 | Psalm 16:8-11 | 1Chronicles 29:11-13 | Hebrews 12:28 | Verses@Once

As David Did

While his older brothers served King Saul in the armies of Israel, the shepherd boy David tended sheep in Bethlehem’s hills. David’s father sent him with food for the brothers and when he arrived, David found Israel’s army hunkered down in fear of the opposing Philistine forces mercilessly taunting from positions nearby.

Mocking fearful Israel, the enemy issued a challenge. Their giant-sized warrior, Goliath and one Israelite soldier would meet one-on-one, and the winner of the contest and the winner’s army would be the outright victor over the other. Hearing the challenge, David the firebrand accepted, incredulous no one else had, and this is where we pick up the story.

Goliath the giant warrior confidently made his move, David the boy shepherd responded, running quickly toward Goliath. Prepared for mortal combat with only a staff and a sling with five smooth stones, David made his move. One stone from the bag . . . into the sling . . . ready, aim, release!
The stone found its mark, plunging deeply into Goliath’s forehead and that enemy giant-of-a-man came down, face first.

Picking up Goliath’s sword, the boy finished him off, giving victory to Israel’s army and the previously cruel and relentless Philistines turned in retreat. With a mighty shout the Israelites surged forward, pursuing the enemy straight to their base camp, plundering all the way there and all the way back!

We should do as David did!

Every challenge to our covenant with God should be answered decisively and we should continue decisively against every threat and its source, until everything in that camp is plundered, the challenger is marked for destruction and the source of trouble evicted.

Resist the enemy and continue to resist. Don’t stop. Don’t resist and then back off as though each battle is isolated because a single battle always connects to the next battle. An enemy allowed an uncontested retreat will return again more forcefully. Also, bring an end to patterns that engage the same battle over and over again. Stop every pattern of threat with fearless zeal and godly conviction.

Do as David did!

You will recover all.


1 Samuel 17:48-58

Vital Connection

A person who has experienced God is never at the mercy of arguments of people who have not experienced Him. The experience moves you, beyond the religious arguments of those who know nothing of the Spirit and their contradictions from a secular view. In relationship with the Father we experience His love and are forever connected to Him!

As His people, we have permanent invitation to spend time with Him. Alone with Him, we gain understanding: “And when they were alone, He explained all things to His disciples.” For the one who truly knows God, the connection is vital.

Jesus taught and crowds gathered. Of those who stopped to listen, some returned again to former routines but others stayed, investing time. They stopped and listened. To them, Jesus explained all things.

Relationship takes time. Those remaining outside don’t know how to understand or experience the Lord; but as disciples in relationship with Him, we glean from that vital connection and share in all things pertaining to His Kingdom.


John 17:20-23, Mark 4:33-34, Mark 4, Verses@Once

Spiritual Day

Today we pray for the Kingdom of God to come and His will to be done for those who turn back the battle at the gate and who lean into the Holy Spirit’s leading, prepared for the day ahead. Isaiah 28:6

Prophetically we see it—the Kingdom, God’s power and glory! All those who are Spirit-inspired sync with divine promptings and unction and the witness of the Spirit; those born from above, with faith developed in the secret place, are Spirit-prepared for such a time as this! 

Trust the Lord absolutely and obey Him fully. With wisdom, confidence, and strength of spirit, trust and obey. Discerning the times, take the day! 

His truth is marching on.   


Matthew 6:10 | 2Timothy 3:16-17 | Hebrews 11:8 | Esther 4:14 | Psalm 10:12-13 | Verses@Once

Joined For The Assignment

Knowing those divinely joined to you for the assignment is a top priority. Their strengths complete the plan He has shown you. Those He chooses add increasingly as the assignment progresses . . . sufficient strength to begin plus the necessary talent-mix added as you go.

In the process, avoid any who are spiritually undisciplined, those with a stay-at-home mentality who cannot discern when a door has opened and timing is right. Undisciplined people and attitudes are dull. Their focus is inward, usually selfish, and does not risk because they cannot risk. Yoked with an attitude like that you’ll become mired down with it.

When the Lord joins you to someone, He chooses disciples who know to pray first and are willing to run ahead of the rest when necessary, and who have supernatural wisdom greater than man-made strategies. They should be your choice—join strength with them. Theirs is strength you will need.

Never be unequally yoked.


Ephesians 4:15-16 | 1 Chronicles 12:8-9 | Verses @Once


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