Creation has a voice and that voice draws a spirit line—like a voice speaking from the heavens and earth, from the day and the night. That speaking line includes words spoken by you and is made more powerful according to the motives of your heart as you speak. Together with the whole of God’s creation we participate in a speech that forms supernatural lines that go out through all the earth.

The voice you and I have speaks. Our lives consist of spirit, soul, and body plus everything that has ever happened to us and our response to those things. Because of our presence, those around us see who we are,who we are not, and where we are different, where a line of distinction is drawn in our character as we relate to the culture.

You and I matter! Our faith expressed as we speak is not the lone element of the line being drawn, but also actions and heart-attitude trumpet where we have been, where we are going, and what we believe. We join our lives to that speaking line as it goes throughout all the earth. We hold a powerful position in the Lord’s plan, in the very center all that is taking place.

In this prophetic hour, by the Spirit of Almighty God, we have a voice.


Philemon 1:6 | Proverbs 20:10-11 | Psalm 19:1-4 | Psalm 19 | Verses@Once