We are like righteous Abraham. Like him, we ignore limitations that contradict the Lord’s word to us. We are Abraham’s seed, the righteous seed of righteous Abraham who, against all odds, believed God would do exactly as He had promised. Abraham saw with a righteous eye the promised outcome. 

So prophesy! Make prophetic declaration of the Lord’s leading, and the righteous eye He gives you to discern: I have a righteous eye—the ability to see righteously has been given to me. I have righteous interpretation today. For all that is in my life that God has called me to watch for, I have righteous vision! My strength for righteousness is increasing! My expectation is high, not limited. I am protected by the Lord; by His hand, He holds me close and lifts me up! Portions come from every direction to aid me as I proceed and even unexpected portions come to me. Peace where God has placed me is my portion, with strength and increase! Lord, YOU are the strength of my life and YOUR works are my portion, forever!

I have a righteous eye. I see. 

Amen! Amen!

Genesis 17:21 | Genesis 21:2-4 | Psalm 73:16 | Psalm 16:5-6 | Psalm 119:56-58 | Isaiah 61:6-8 | Verses@Once