Not every voice represents the Lord. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit reveals the true spirit in what we hear—by the Holy Spirit we discern it. Godly standards are raised when individuals discern their part in the mission then do as the Lord directs in the highest and best way possible.

Countering every negative influence, God decrees darkness shall never overtake the light. Let your light shine. Let others see light evidenced in your life. Strength and beauty are in the Lord’s sanctuary—excellence and beauty thrive where He is.

Discern the place where the Lord is gathering others to Himself, where groups of two or more continually prophesy (speak forth) God’s grace. You’ll find those who invest their lives building up others rather than accusing. Accusers think they know fully when in fact they do not.

Watch those who are on the Lord’s side and on the side of His people. Their humility counters pride. Their reverential fear of the Lord fights for them.

Hallelujah! That’s good!


Matthew 5:16 | Psalm 96:6 | Reading: Book of Nehemiah | Verse@Once