A principle of governing is that everything begins somewhere—everything has a door, an entrance. Practically speaking, anything we fence or hem-in also has a gate. Rooms have doors and nations entry points.

Parents know the principle. Speaking to a child who will not, or is unable, to hear is unfruitful, the same as speaking to a closed door.

The principle is also spiritual. The Apostle Paul asked for prayer that he would have “an entrance and an utterance”. Paul knew his message would fail if he could not get the ear of those he was sent to reach.

Spiritual discipline includes patience to wait for doors to open with a word of God’s wisdom for what to do, or not do in the meantime. But when it comes to the enemy’s wiles, we do not wait or neglect an opening; when it comes to the enemy we possess every gate!

We are “the seed of Abraham.” We are innumerable descendants destined to “possess the gates of their enemies.” Abraham’s relatives, sending Rebekah to become Isaac’s wife, blessed her, declaring these exact words: “And may your descendants possess the gates of those who hate them.”

In daily life, matters that threaten also have wrong spirits and each wrong spirit must have a door of entrance to affect you. Instead of yielding to that opening—that gate—possess it! Your covenant with God includes authority over every gate. You have GOVERNING authority to open, and close them!

Take authority! Remove the thing that does not belong in your life.

Now . . . close the door.  


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