A Clear Trumpet


Scripture likens God’s voice to a trumpet, a clear and distinguishable sound. The message He intends is a clear trumpet. Our desire for the prophetic ministry of Shirley Weaver Ministries is to clearly speak the Lord’s message to our culture and world.

1 Corinthians 14:8, Acts 20:20-21


Recovery Of Lost Things

God moves by His Spirit through human spirits to bring that which has been lost or stolen back to rightful ownership—to righteous ownership. God as Judge presides eternally in the affairs of His people; His justice is supreme, and He is not willing to see anyone or anything be lost.

Recovery of lost things is central to biblical Christianity. God moved on the heart of an unbelieving Persian king and stirred up the Hebrew people in the region to restore them to Jerusalem, where they rebuilt the walls and the city, recovering what had been lost to reestablish the house of the Lord.

Actions that dishonor the Lord make us vulnerable to loss. In human history, the thief, Satan, has received considerable cooperation from us humans; however, at no time did God intend it to be so. In placing blame where it belongs, we realize how anything that falls short of God’s glory results from not doing it God’s way.

Here, repentance is vital because repentance creates an entrance, a path toward recovery for anything lost. Biblical repentance is “repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ.” First, repent before God, and then turn your faith toward the living Word, God’s Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Your nation is not lost… your nation is only waiting to be restored to God’s original intent by the power of His Spirit and through lives stirred by the Spirit of the Almighty. Hallelujah!


Romans 3:23 | Acts 20:21 | Daniel 7:27 | Luke 12:32 | 1 Samuel 30:8,18 | Ezra 1 | Verses@Once


A Prayer for Our Nation

Lord, I repent. We repent as a people. And I pray that father that you’ll hear our cry: heal our land, heal this land.

We believe without reservation that you are moving in our nation’s capital and that you are determined to heal the United States of America.

We release faith today for our president and our vice president, for their families.

We release prayer today for those that are advising them counselors advisors, we release our faith today for our Supreme court and the non justices for our Congress, our Senate and our house Lord, for everyone at the White House.

We pray over this government that every individual in those places will hear the joyful sound. They’ll come to the brightness of the shining of your people and to their rising, hallelujah, hallelujah.

We call together right now, in the name of Jesus, the authority that belongs to each individual.

Bless the Lord. Thank you, father.



Bold Prayer for Family

As a parent or grandparent or aunt or uncle, etc. you have God’s authority to pray for your family – children, grandchildren, your great-grandchildren – your entire family. Because you have HIS authority, you can expect the outcome God desires!


You have given us Your power
And the ability to hear You clearly
So that we can declare You.

We make of the hedge and stand in the gap
We make a difference and the resulting influence is increasing.

Today we use the authority You convey to us
To prophetically agree with You that families in this nation
Will sync with your heart…
Align with your mind…
And that our sons and daughters will connect with the destiny You intend
As will their children and their children’s children.

By the authority You have given us
We command situations and circumstances to change
According to Your plan!

By the authority you have given us
We command attacks of confusion against our children
To lift!

Our children go free
Children who have no one to pray for them go free!
In Jesus’s Name,
And as You pray through us.

We prophesy that your Kingdom comes to our nation
In a fresh wind—today!

We prophesy elections in our nation will be free and fair
And that corruption is forced out
As justice takes over.

We prophesy corruption in governance is contained, uprooted, and moved out—
According to Your divine plan that is
Both Working behind the scenes and
Out in the open, over the top displays of Divine intervention.

As those who have been redeemed, we say so.
With our words… with our lives,
We insist—
Kingdom of God come!
Will of God be done! Amen.


Healing & Deliverance From Fear

I hear every day from people who have experienced divine interventions and supernatural rescues– and the relief when you know that you’ve been delivered. You are marked forever; it’s undeniable. I think of it as God’s way of visiting men, while men are trying to tell him they don’t need him.

Have you experienced divine intervention? This is your time to testify.

Over the last two to three years, there has been a struggle for me personally, with my vision. Actually, it’s a lifelong struggle, but thanks to medical science and wonderful doctors, I’ve always been blessed to be able to see clearly and continue my business or my schooling or whatever life and general. But in the last few months my vision started to change. As I went through the process of about six surgeries in an eight month period of time, I was expecting a solution that just didn’t happen. My vision was not restored and not only that, there was a dimness like an absence of light over what I could see. As I sat with the doctor one day, I realized that everything that could be done had been done and that we still were in a place that was not healed.

On that particular day, I was scheduled to do a regular teaching through video conference. There were 15-20 people scheduled to attend, and it was my responsibility to bring the message. As I got closer to that time I realized that I could decide whether to proceed with the teaching are not; I could decide whether to just really collapse with total fear and despair, or not. I knew that I needed to speak, and to share, and to be completely transparent. I realized just how important it was to speak and to say exactly what my heart was saying. Since the word says out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

Before the meeting, I heard one thing from what I believe was the spirit of God, because of the way it affected me. I remembered the text where the woman whose son had died and the mother answered “all as well.” And I realized that was the word of the Lord to me. During the meeting, I shared that I no matter what, faith is in place; hope is not lost. All is well. When you are being honest with him from such a deep, hidden private interior place, we reveal our true selves to the one who already knows our true selves.

I think back on that time and remember how it affected my psyche and my emotions, because I was completely, almost physically spent. I went through the holidays–Thanksgiving, Christmas and nothing changed in the beginning of the new year. Nothing changed. In February, there was an appointment for a final laser procedure. And thank God for lasers–they are blast of light, right? But I wasn’t thinking that it was going to make any difference. I really wasn’t. However, that day during a two-to-three second blast from the laser, vision in one eye was restored. Darkness was removed. I hugged the doctor, and he joined with me in celebration.

Since that day, I’ve been walking a little above the earth, not quite touching down since that time. Confidence like never before is a possession. I own it. Thank God. I’ve been walking a little above the earth, not quite touching down since that time.There are some things that only God can do despite our best intentions and greatest efforts. Just when we think we know what we need and how to obtain what we need, we realize how short we fall.

There is a glory line and a glory level that God has for, for each person, for you and his plan to cause you to arise to that level of his glory to walk in it. And to know it is beyond anything you can think. God is at work in you to will and to do of his good pleasure.

It gives him pleasure to give you the kingdom. And while he will give you material things, thank God. He will give you health as he has done for me. But it is his pleasure to give you the kingdom, to walk with him to hear his voice and to know him. And so now submit to his spirit, to what he’s doing, how he’s doing it, those that he is including and maybe using, because that can be shocking. Really.

You don’t have to be a spiritual giant; just think about it. The Lord will show you, and you may not be able to say a thing, but maybe you will. When you’re in the place of prayer and you’re coming through crisis and everything around you is shaking, trust that it is well. Fear feeds panic becomes terror quickly. It metastasizes; it goes to other places and begins to grow.

So in your heart, expand your hope. Lift up your eyes to the Hills. That’s where your help comes from and hear clearly.

And I believe this as the Lord will say to you, what he said to me: It is, well–no matter what.


Your True North: Finding Your Moral High Ground

You are built to run, to win. You are built to see clearly beyond what is natural and into a spiritual perception. Where is your true north, your moral high ground? Find it. You’ve got to find your moral high ground and other aspects of your calling and destiny, because they’re all there together. If you leave your moral high ground, then everything becomes distorted.

You cannot circumvent the word of the Lord. You were born for this time; you are wired to win. You are geared to run. You are empowered to take that moral high ground. Press into your calling, press into your destiny and do not be deceived, do not be deceived.

God is not mocked. What we sow, we reap. You must know the will of God and then do it.

When God intends to do something, it cannot be stopped. Not the odds ascribed by man, not the inclination or the conventional wisdom of men, not the fear of the one running the race. He doesn’t fear. The sound of battle actually is inspired by that sound. He rises to the sound of the trumpet, rises to the sound of starting the race.

God is speaking to you. And he is speaking through his word in our life, through situations in our nation, our community, certainly in our congregations, in our churches, the Lord is saying, where is your moral high ground?

You are present to fix this thing. You are here to change lives, so that destinies are ascribed eternity is seize, and our eternal future is made possible through salvation in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

Understand what the mind of the Lord is. Know what the mind of the Lord is. We do. We understand it and we know it and we move accordingly.

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