Christians are placed strategically by the Lord to bring prayer and intercession that strengthens godly influences.

Land borders are crucial. They establish authority and jurisdiction. Spiritual watchers take their posts to watch for and resist illegal, ungodly spiritual forces along points of entry.

Borders of moral restraint, of behavior and conscience, form standards that must not fail through negligence. Godly parents lead the way in this protection of sound values, diligently watching for the heart of their home.

Borders of freedom are watched over by godly champions who watch for the opportune time, and an open door to boldly speak and fearlessly debate until opposition yields and the tide of public discourse is turned.    

In the United States vision, courage and the spirit of the watchman rise to also stand with other nations desiring God’s borders for their land and people. We stand in prayer as bold prophets, as watchmen voices, extended globally in fervent, corporate prayer until ungodly mountainous obstacles move!  

Amen, so be it!

Daniel 4