Our world is shaking and we experience the resulting instability but as strong believers, our governing rule is to live today and every day in the light of what we allow. That means we guard emotions and attitude of heart, mind, and thoughts to navigate this shaking. We “ramp up” personal discipline and guard the boundaries of our lives, insuring a continuous flow of the Spirit within. 

This kind of breaking aims for personal authority, including every expression of confidence in God or individual willingness to represent His authority in the midst of difficult times. Without discipline in what we allow in, the human tendency is to veer down paths so foreign we’d be shocked to see what we might choose under pressure, a path or paths definitely not what we’d have chosen had we “been in our right mind.”

To understand what’s taking place and also be able to test the spirits, we need the Word’s perspective and a right spiritual response—we need to exercise God-given authority by speaking what the Lord speaks, to allow God to settle us down, restore His authority through us, and re-establish our confidence to speak with authority to restore conditions around us. 

Faith impacts everything. That supernatural element, released through God-inspired words and actions, dominates crisis. With words we invite Redemption, the presence of Almighty God, and take aim at the spirit-cause of all that’s broken: Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him. (1Peter 5:8-11) 


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