Our concern for others is really the Lord’s compassion for them, expressed through us. It’s Him, making a difference in their lives. We engage them with compassion, concern for their needs, ministering hope to impossible circumstances while confidently giving the weight of caring and concern over to the Lord. As ministers of compassion we remember to never ‘take on’ the care. That responsibility is the Lord’s; the government is upon His shoulders and, thankfully, His government, the Bible teaches, is increasing! We are passionate, yes, but not weighted with care. In this regard we must mature and also teach those less mature to walk circumspectly, showing compassion in the name of our Lord, trusting Him completely with every related care rather than being burdened down or depressed in the process.

By contrast, many do pick up and carry the care, dutifully meditating worst case scenarios making worry the fruit of their meditation as if worry can accomplish anything. Worry is a spiritual force—worry begets worry. It begins as a distraction but grows to heightened fear. Worry breaks down strength, divides ability, weakens resolve and scatters concentration. Physiologically, worry produces anxiety, stress and pressure. Physicians recognize symptoms their patients cannot admit, evidenced in increased pharmaceutical remedies.   

As believers, we follow our Lord’s example: We “roll the care” of every situation over to our Father, heeding His Word about cares common to daily life. Christians do not “take care” as the popular expression implies; instead, we demonstrate compassion while confidently yielding related cares to the Father in prayer: Yours Lord, is the Kingdom and the power and the glory; we pray Your Kingdom come and Your will be done!


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