Domino Effect

Indecision has a domino effect—an inevitable succession of related events, each caused by the one before, actions or hesitation to act affecting others.

The longer I consider whether to obey God, holding to my own way and reasoning, the more labored the process becomes, for me and those who cannot move until I do!

In your decision-making, guard your heart. Don’t mingle ungodly counsel with your own fearful meditation of worst-case scenarios because the result of that one-two punch is a struggle, possibly a difficult, bitter outcome. Don’t dig yourself into that hole. 

Instead, refuse unbelief and take authority over thoughts, reasoning, counsel, or fear associated with delayed obedience to the Lord.

Remember whatever situation you’re faced with, God is already there! Draw strength from His Word. Read it aloud until His words dominate your thinking and decision-making.

The domino effect works both ways. Welcome back.


Psalm 1

Start With What You Have

To begin, start with what you have. Stand firm in what God has told you. Write down everything He told you, then begin with that as an outline for strategy. The Lord has come onto the scene and, with Him, the predicted end of this challenge. The Lord has extended His hand in your behalf! 

You have come to a time of the Lord’s favor and an end to this season and anything not aligned with His very best, elements attempting to usurp plans He intended. Obediently, you pressed with your faith, in prayer and with confidence, determined to make His Word your final authority in the situation.

This is where you are. You might as well go ahead and start with what you have since you surely cannot start with what you do not have. Plant your feet. Steady your thoughts. Make necessary decisions. 

It’s time to begin.


Psalm 118:15-16, NKJV 

Decisive Leadership

The Lord calls leaders to courageous, decisive leadership. Indecisive and weak leadership becomes costly when God’s leading for the benefit of everyone involved is squandered. When leaders are weak and indecisive, authority is lost and progress rare.   

Leadership requires solid decision-making. Parents, for example, as leaders in the home, make important decisions for the family under their charge. Employers too, as workplace decision-makers, impact the lives of those under their leadership.

Authority acts like a vacuum. Left unoccupied, the place of authority is filled by the next strongest influence. Like the infamous Queen Jezebel who came to be ruler because King Ahab was a weak leader and allowed the take over, instinctively, others take over God-given authority if allowed.

We see such jezebel-like influences operate when decisive leadership is absent. The resulting authority-theft is gender-neutral; both men and women get caught up in an unauthorized struggle for position and the corresponding authority take-over, often breaking the harmony of a home or workplace. 

If you are one in authority you must be decisive; you need to make the decision. As one authorized to steward what God has given for everyone’s benefit, make the decision that only you can make and lead before someone unauthorized by God takes over.  


1 Kings 21:1-16 


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