We are living in the end-times—literally at the end of the end-times. The Lord extends vision for these times to spiritual leaders, affirming their faith for leadership with divine inspiration for exploits of genuine faith, different from religious performance, replacing earlier influences kept the Church powerless in unbelief and tradition.

In the Church, spiritual leaders are being liberated by the Holy Spirit from overseeing mere ritual and form and freed to obey their true calling. Imitating orthodox Gospel ministry, they are free to faithfully train all to intercede, all to teach, and all to advance the kingdom of God significantly and specifically for this generation.

In the home as well, Godly leadership rises at this critical time. God inspires parents as His first responders—they man the spiritual frontlines where the Church comes face-to-face with her number one purpose, the home. Parents are the spiritual leadership in the family, the most basic microcosm of the Church and the first mission of the Church. In the home, we find the best place to make disciples, children with an understanding of the times and intuitive knowing what to do!

We pray for this critical leadership to prosper! We declare strength, courage, and insight for the end-time leadership for every home. We ask God’s hand on each parent for this task and declare divine unction for every Christian parent!

We also declare the Lord’s presence to strengthen spiritual leaders in the community and nation, His right hand working valiantly in their lives. Lord, we pray for Your Kingdom to come, that Your will be done and Your end-time leadership to flourish in every home, church, and nation! Selah!

Amen, so be it!

Matthew 24:4-8 | Matthew 24:45-47 | Matthew 28:18-20 | 1Chronicles 12:32 | Psalm 118:14-16 | Verse@Once