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The Lord’s end time plan unfolds and with it divine pressure challenges those things He never intended, refining everything into one thing–convergence! It’s what we see now, prophetically, as all things come together, a new form unlike the old one, uniquely created by refining processes over time.

Convergence means to unite or merge groups or tendencies that originally were opposed or very different. For example, the Bible describes Jerusalem in convergence. Jerusalem is “a city compacted together”. . . the earthly city converging with the Jerusalem above . . . a city above a city, converging as heaven and earth draw closer to fulfill John’s vision in The Revelation: “And I John saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven.” 

God walked with Adam in the garden until that relationship was lost but at Calvary and since, all those born-again are restored under Adam’s original open heaven, God’s Spirit resident now and His heavens moving into position for that future day. We often pray Lord, rend the heavens and come down,a prophetic calling forth of a future day when the Lord Himself will literally split the Eastern sky and come down!

Best of all, God’s people are in convergence; a supernatural joining, overshadowing conditions around us, nothing held back! For you, this means an avalanche of revelation and goodness, breakthrough and overthrow; the thief is bound, the spoiler found out, and corruption driven out. 

It’s what we pray for. I believe it.


Psalm 122:3 | Revelation 3:12; 21:2 | Genesis 3:8 | Verses@Once 

He Will Make You A House

“And so you can be sure the future of your house is also settled: Also, the Lord tells you that He will make you a house!” (2Samuel 7:11)

The future of the Lord’s house is settled—the city of Jerusalem on earth and that heavenly city “Jerusalem above” will merge. In the meantime, the Lord reveals his will and works his plan through those with understanding of the times, those willing to build.

The Lord tells us when to build, when to tear downand when to go up. This revelation, given by God to decisive people, builds up everything in its path. In the process His goodness is established by righteous, God-inspired decisions, one step at a time—building.

Concerning your own house—your spiritual and physical house—critical decision-making unlocks important next steps. As you act on what He tells you, He merges both spiritual and physical for all He is building through you.


Psalm 122:3 | Revelation 21:2—3:12 | Galatians 4:26 | 2 Samuel 7 | Verse@Once 


Ocean depths and mountain heights, the Lord determines boundaries for everything. His limits are boundaries of divine purpose. 

When God’s people gather the big picture emerges. Knowing each part, we esteem every part. Each carries His fragrance and His hand upon our lives.

Today we cannot go everywhere but we will go somewhere. Supernatural power accompanies us, lining the path to aim us: “This is the way – come this way.”

Divine presence is the boundary as paths open. Sensitivity to His leading tells me when the opening is mine. Count the cost before building. Define boundaries and write the vision so vision is clear for others to follow.

If you can see the vision you can write the vision. Once written, you believe and develop faith for it until by faith, you do it.

Write the newvision. Define, and make plain the boundaries.


Proverbs 8:29| 2Corinthians 4:6-7| Isaiah 30:21| 2Corinthians 2:14-15| Luke 14:28Verses@Once

No Jezebel

It once was true that the only familiar member of the five-fold ministry—and the lone individual allowed to lead the church—was the pastor, and even the pastor, it was believed, must be male. A woman’s leadership in the Church was rare with a possible exception of the pastor’s wife or daughter or family member, his male oversight considered a proper restraint for the female’s natural inclination to foolishness.

Another misconception, a superstition, was drawn from the biblical story of the woman Jezebel who, as queen, manipulated those in authority, ruling everyone including her husband with an iron hand. This Jezebel, it was believed, is reincarnated in most women, especially women leaders.

This error meant the church in general, and male leaders in particular labeled women who dared venture into governmental roles, spiritual or otherwise, a Jezebel. Unfortunately, the same leaders looked the other way when men in leadership behaved like the power-obsessed character Jezebel, destructively dominating and controlling everything and everyone.

Obviously, resistance to authority was never a female-only issue, therefore gender specific traditions that sidelined women couldn’t inoculate the Church from Jezebel’s influences—in pivotal and historic times of the Holy Spirit’s moving male leaders have resisted the Holy Spirit in worship, prayer, and matters of spiritual authority.

God-given authority misused by any individual has power to dominate inappropriately; however, every individual, male or female, can instead choose true humility and a right balance for skillful, decisive leadership by the man or woman God chooses.

Thank God.


Galatians 3:27-29| Ephesians 1:22-23| 1 Corinthians 12:7| Verses@Once

Glorious Change

When the Lord lead Israel out, He empowered them to prevail over enslaving powers. The Lord provided the means. You and I are equipped to do the same. We have God’s Spirit living within, His Word written on our hearts. New doors open to a new season as we are delivered from enemies entrenched in the old. We do it by faith.

Don’t allow your own flesh to dictate. Change your lifestyle. Do it today, right now! Otherwise bondage continues to hold you, dreams and vision die in mediocrity. Never say you seek the Lord’s highest when in fact you are comfortable with second or third best. Rather, make the necessary changes. Do it by faith.

Our example is Jesus’ life. To the degree we believe the Spirit and Word, every contest can be won by faith. He IS the resurrection and the life! Anytime we seek God wholeheartedly, corresponding change takes place. God’s presence in our lives changes us as we leave the old nature and its habits behind and by faith step into the new.


Exodus 12
Revelation 12 (especially 7-12)
John 11:25


Moses faced tremendous opposition—literally the forces of hell. Charged by God to lead the Hebrews outof Egypt’s slave kingdom, Moses looked bondage in the eye and declared to Pharaoh the revelation he’d received from the Almighty, Israel’s God.

Moses decreed deliverance. God’s presence came! Brutal men grew more. Others yielded to divine intervention, the Spirit’s lead. Egyptian masters relented, gathering gold and jewels for Israel’s sons. Wealth transferred to chosen hands and Israel was delivered out of bondage.

Our deliverance is no less supernatural. We see a fourth man in the furnace, walking! Firstborn children are delivered and marked by the Lord for destiny. You, with your children and your children’s children, are quickened by the joyful sounds of this season of deliverance.


Proverbs 13:22| Daniel 3:25|Exodus chapters 3 thru 15| Verses@Once

Crossing Over

You have a new day and new beginning. Break through. Press forward. Sanctify the Lord in your heart. Always set the Lord before you. Choose to be set apartwith Him!

His mercy brings you out to take you in.

The Lord—He is God!


Princes With Deborah

In this biblical season leading to Pentecost, we expect the Lord’s hand to be in the center of our lives. The brightness of His shining comes, overturning many things not aligned with His will for us while strengthening our confidence to receive the harvest He intends. Were it not for the Lord on our sidethe outlook would be different.

In this prophetic season we express hope and dreams in harvest terms. We sow seed at the beginning, expecting a supernatural harvest. In the process patience is an ally while offenses and being offended are luxuries we cannot afford. We lead like Deborah and gather with generals. We belong with Issachar’s tribe, knowing stakes are high for all concerned. Like Deborah and those with her we have fullness and fulfillment. We’ll come full circle!

We call for a harvest of our prayers—we lay claim to our portions of God-design, overturning haughty plans that threaten. In every place and on every side we receive answered prayer. Gleaning in fields pre-ordained for us, timing’s invitation finally comes and we step into it. We are princes in the royal line of our Lord with strategy and courage for exploits.

Aim above the crowd. Your portion is there.


Psalm 68: 32-35| Psalm 124:1-8| Hebrews 6:20| 1 Chronicles 12:32| Judges 5:15 | Verses@Once


So we built the wall, and the entire wall was joined together up to half its height,for the people had a mind to work… (Nehemiah 4: 16-18, NKJV)

Every believer has gifts and a calling specific to areas of Kingdom building and intended to be used for that purpose. Some, however, believe they can live to themselves and for themselves even if it means withholding the part God gave for their participation in building His Kingdom.

Anytime we withhold God’s gifts and purpose for us and don’t allow them to flow through us the missed opportunity comes at the expense of everyone else. The missing part becomes the most needed part… because it’s missing! Don’t do that—don’t squander what God has placed within you. The treasure inside is an offering meant to be given away.

The Lord calls and sends you. He draws you to a specific geographic location, to live among a certain people; and the spiritual gifts the Lord has given places a demand upon your spiritual storehouse. It’s God. He is leading.


Nehemiah 4

Redemptive Season, Full Inheritance

The spring harvest in Israel joins two biblical seasons—the barley harvest near the time of Passover, followed by the wheat harvest closer to the time of Pentecost. The season stirs our awareness of the riches in God’s Word concerning this historical time.

In the book of Ruth we read how Ruth left her own family in Moab to follow Naomi’s return to the land of Judah. Ruth gleaned daily portions of grain in the barley fields of Boaz, Naomi’s relative kinsman redeemer, gathering just enoughfor her and Naomi. Ruth married Boaz and, instead of a mere just enough provision, became heiressof land among the people of Israel.

In the coming weeks of harvest, we celebrate seeds we’ve sown over the years—seed sown as we obeyed the Lord and His leading. Our obedience has produced a harvest now and everything sown now guarantees a future harvest. In this harvest season like Ruth even the barren or solitary become part of the family and receive a fullinheritance to participate and celebrate along with the rest of the family!

This year we expect the Lord’s hand. We believe for the brightness of His shining. We arrive in the field to glean and find over-the-top portionsand a full inheritance await, arranged by the Lord our Kinsman-Redeemer. He is LORD of the harvest!

He made a way where predictors said there was not way.


Ruth, chapters 1-4


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