Daily Devotions

Go To The Rock

Any difficulty powerful enough to stand between you and the Lord must logically be greater than He—right? Actually no. But if your mind is not renewed by God’s Word you just might fall for that kind of logic.

Truthfully and in fact, nothing is greater than His love for you and nothing can hold you back from receiving His love. God is determined to bring you out!

Think about that.

At the core of destructive forces we find the true nature of that force – oppressive. Don’t be misled by that. Don’t put your faith in that. Don’t believe you’re losing and don’t buy into failure’s devilish taunt, “where is your God now?” 

Refuse to be misled—refuse to believe that anything can separate you from His love.  He is right there with you and has a harvest of good things for you, ordained and certain, even if you cannot see them right now.   

Stay in faith. The Holy Spirit is leading you. Despite those destructive circumstances around you, He is with you and will carry you through and bring you out! When all is said and done, the Lord’s fragrance of peace, not the smoke of hellish fires will mark and distinguish you.

Go to the rock from which you were hewn. The Rock of His Presence is your portion. He is for you—who can be against you?


Daniel 6:16, 20, 24, 27 | Joel 2:17 | Isaiah 51:1-3 | Romans 8:35-39 | Matthew 16:19 | Matthew 18:18 | Romans 8:31 | Verse @ Once

Prophetic Merger

“For thus says the LORD: After seventy years are completed at Babylon, I will visit you and perform My good word toward you, and cause you to return to this place. For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you.” Jeremiah 29:10-12

Believers are marked with destiny and when their “storehouse” is released, things can happen suddenly—the pace quickens, details resolve, and the LORD syncs callings and authority with His glory. Destiny works in each life according to the treasure placed there by the LORD.

It has little to do with age or privilege. Isaac was a late baby, Jesus arrived early; Solomon’s chariots were a massive army, but Gideon’s three-man patrol had no chariots, no army; Esther’s hour came suddenly but for Anna and Simeon, prophetic longing spanned two lifetimes.

God’s timing is governor and this joining together for combined strengths hinges prophetic outcomes that otherwise could not have been. At the appointed time we are quickened — destinies intersect, strength multiplies, and a future unimagined before snaps into place.


Mark 6:7 | Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 | Verses@Once 


If you’ve ever invested in something expecting to benefit in some tangible way you’ll understand the parable of the minas. In this gospel parable, a certain nobleman entrusted ten pounds of silver to three household servants before leaving on official business. When the master returned, he called for an account of the servants’ stewardship entrusted to them in his absence. 

One servant invested three months’ wages and received ten times as much in return. The second likewise invested, and though a lesser amount still gained profits for the master. The third servant invested nothing and benefitted nothing. The master praised the first two servants but strongly rebuked the third for failing to be a good steward. 

Our lives are like the parable, we all invest our time and talents somewhere. As with any investment, confident expectation trusts the person or entity involved will pay resulting benefits, profits, rewards, etc. Without trust we do not invest so therefore do not gain anything in return. We don’t yield control of something we possess unless we trust the one on the receiving end. 

In all of life, ability to trust is a faith matter; and really, the basis of all trust lies in the way we trust God. Trusting Him is as much an investment as is money or time since with any commitment to Him we lend ourselves to Him, investing who we are and all we possess. Trusting in the Lord is the most important trust relationship in life. Trusting Him is foundational to a faith that endures. Those who mature in faith also develop steady confidence that trusts in a loving heavenly Father.  

It is better to trust in the LORD
  Than to put confidence in man.
It is better to trust in the LORD
  Than to put confidence in princes.
(Ps 18:8-9)

The fear of man brings a snare,
  But whoever trusts in the LORD shall be safe.
(Prov 29:25) 


Luke 19:11-27Proverbs 3:5 |Psalm 118:8-9Proverbs 29:25Verses@Once

Coming Thru!

We realize much is at stake. It’s why we pray as we do and live circumspectly, redeeming the time! In times like these the LORD sends special grace to snatch some, awaken others; and others He literally comes up around them—under, over, and around them—until they gain strength and their appointment with destiny is secure. There is grace to break through!   

This grace includes the hand of the Lord pointing the way to return, literally turning us around and bringing us back to something missed or walked away from. The Hebrew word teshuvah means return and refers to examining one’s own soul in order to return to the LORD in a significant way—return to His path and align with His purposes, focus on right placement and right connections, taking action to reposition or relocate when necessary. 

The Bible speaks of prophetic times when a line is drawn between what the Lord approves and what He does not approve. We are in such a time; a season of tumult and turning, of pointing us to the truth that as believers our lives should be distinctive because the Spirit of the Lord breaks through to make known the Father’s will tous and puts His goodness on display through us. He intervenes and supernatural help is dispatched! Selah!— coming thru!


Deuteronomy 30Ephesians 5:15-17Verses@Once

Believe For A Miracle

“Then He went up into the boat to them, and the wind ceased. And they were greatly amazed in themselves beyond measure, and marveled. For they had not understood about the loaves, because their heart was hardened.” (Luke 6: 51-52)

“These things we also speak, not in words which man’s wisdom teaches but which the Holy Spirit teaches, comparing spiritual things with spiritual. But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” (1Corinthians 2:13-14)

Despite their close relationship with Jesusthe disciples struggled to believe. Obviously, for them, moving beyond their personal level of spiritual experience to miracles in Jesus’ ministry was not a simple matter. Their understanding was limited. 

Like them, we hesitate when the Spirit of God does something we cannot explain intellectually, something that might “cost” us in some way. The reason we hesitate is the mind naturally overrules anything we cannot understand, and the heart hardens in unbelief, determined to understand completely or we will NOT believe. 

The miraculous power of God is supernatural so only if we agree with the power of that can we have daily expressions of the Lord’s miraculous, supernatural power. The Lord reveals truth via the agent of the Holy Spirit and we receive this Spirit ministry spiritually, through the spirit heart. This is the way our Spirit life works. The only way.

Stay in faith for the thing that’s impossible right now. Agree with God’s love. Agree with His power. Believe Him. Don’t stop.  


The Forerunner

“Where Jesus has entered in for us [in advance], a Forerunner having become a High Priest forever after the order (with the rank) of Melchizedek.” (Hebrews 6:20, AMP)

Some individuals go ahead of the rest, their lives opening a path that leads the way for others to pursue the Kingdom. We honor these mentors as forerunners for our future. We have prospered standing on their shoulders.

Humanly speaking, those who demonstrate personal effort and achievement seem to stand out more than the ones doing critical groundwork to pave the way. We typically notice obvious achievements more than those behind the scenes doing the spiritual heavy-lifting.

A spiritual approach is different. Anyone who is spiritually mature realizes we are blessed to step into much for which we personally have paid little. A forerunner paid the greater price, investing in rigors we may never know. The true estimation of how far we’ve come includes their sacrifice to get us there!  

Go back to where the forerunner’s mark established and launched you; go back to the genesis of your journey with the Lord. Identify those who opened the way. Thank God for them. Pray for them. Rehearse their counsel and imitate their courage and then do the same for those who have begun to follow you.


Windows In Heaven

So an officer of the king . . . answered the man of God, “Look, if the Lord would make windows in heaven, could this thing be?” (2Kings 7:2)

Previous generations saw it and many today also see – a window in heaven is opened! A Kingdom system and people are revealed and Jesus’ prophetic prayer is being fulfilled. Those “kept from the world” by Him are one with the Father and Son. 

Jesus completed His earth mission as the Son of Man and became first fruits and forerunner of many brethren. Now Christ-followers in every nation arise to complete the mission with supernatural power and grace, endowments from “Our Father.”

My mouth shall tell of Your righteousness 
         And Your salvation all the day, 
         For I do not know their limits.
I will go in the strength of the Lord GOD;
         I will make mention of Your righteousness, of Yours only.  
O God, You have taught me from my youth;
         And to this day I declare Your wondrous works.
Now also when I am old and grayheaded,
         O God, do not forsake me, 
         Until I declare Your strength to this generation, 
         Your power to everyone who is to come. 

Amen – so be it! 

John 17:21-22Romans 11:16Romans 8:29Psalm 71:18Psalm 71:15-18Verses@Once

Steady Diet Of The Word

“For the Word that God speaks is alive and full of power [making it active, operative, energizing, and effective]; it is sharper than any two-edged sword, penetrating to the dividing line of the [a]breath of life (soul) and [the immortal] spirit, and of joints and marrow [of the deepest parts of our nature], exposing and sifting and analyzing and judging the very thoughts and purposes of the heart.” (Heb. 4:12, AMP)

A steady diet of taking in the Word of God brings discipline to our lives. The Word settles into the heart and is stored there, ready to be Holy Spirit administered when spirit-led responses are needed. Disciplined lives mean we are able to conform to God’s plan rather than waffling to another system or source so that whatever the need, an outcome consistent with our Bible-covenant revealed in God’s written Word is our expectation.

We must have this discipline for personal faith to be strong—full of true spiritual strength and able to offer Bible-sized results. Worldview followers of every imaginable persuasion give one hundred percent to their cause, but our leaders too often ask too little of us; instead of lifestyle excellence as agents of divine help for the world around us, the impression we give is comme ci, comme ca . . . lukewarm.

It takes time, study, and purposeful research in God’s Word to build mature faith: So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God (Rom 10:17).


Disciplined Faith

Embracing God’s call matures and positions us for leadership both in the Church and culture. Disciplined faith is distinctive and discipleship marks in a distinctive way. We belong to that spiritual lineage, marked for that greatness. Like Ezekiel’s river, we go deeper. We began ankle-deep but going deeper and with more revelation soon the water came to our knees, then deeper still and soon the waters around us were waist-deep. 

Like Ezekiel’s river, the marking of our discipleship corresponds to depths of revelation knowledge until suddenly, the water is too deep to cross or navigate on foot and we become one with the river—we become one with the will of God. 

It has been said true relationship with the Lord joins His will to mine—I become one with His will. I become the will of God! I agree, and like you, passionate pursuit of His will for my life and in relationship with Him, I become! In relationship with Him disciples become one with the Lord; we mature in knowledge, check for progress, evaluate fruit produced, and reach beyond surface levels—for depth! 

The world around us, even some Christian circles, may go the other way—away from increasing relationship with and away from deeper revelation of the Lord but disciplined faith is distinctive and discipleship marks in a distinctive way. There are converts everywhere but fewer disciples.


Ezekiel 27:1-8John 14:6John 17:6Ezekiel 47 John 17Verses@Once

Purity To Believe

Confident trust that believes God develops in a pure conscience. You and I believe Him best when we guard against anything that contaminates our conscience, against opposing views that contradict Bible faith. Instead, we simply believe Him.  

Human opinion or presumption of anything, factual or not, that lies beyond God’s wisdom distracts from a sincere capacity for purity, from virtue that strengthens belief and refuses to accuse the Lord when conditions around us change in a way we don’t (immediately) understand. 

As inspiration is drawn from the place of purity within, in the inner man of the heart, the opposite of distraction results. Pure, poised confidence concerning the Lord and His Word becomes the mindset, developed because purity of expression matures as we believe Him more and more. 

Confident belief produces more and greater confident belief. When I “believe God,” I believe it will be as He said—period.


Deuteronomy 1:31-33Deuteronomy 9:22-24Mark 9:22-24John 11:39-41Verses@Once


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