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Disciplined Faith

Embracing God’s call matures and positions us for leadership both in the Church and culture. Disciplined faith is distinctive and discipleship marks in a distinctive way. We belong to that spiritual lineage, marked for that greatness. Like Ezekiel’s river, we go deeper. We began ankle-deep but going deeper and with more revelation soon the water came to our knees, then deeper still and soon the waters around us were waist-deep.  

Like Ezekiel’s river, the marking of our discipleship corresponds to depths of revelation knowledge until suddenly, the water is too deep to cross or navigate on foot and we become one with the river—we become one with the will of God.  

It has been said true relationship with the Lord joins His will to mine—I become one with His will. I become the will of God! I agree, and like you, passionate pursuit of His will for my life and in relationship with Him, I become! In relationship with Him disciples become one with the Lord; we mature in knowledge, check for progress, evaluate fruit produced, and reach beyond surface levels—for depth!  

The world around us, even some Christian circles, may go the other way—away from increasing relationship with and away from deeper revelation of the Lord but disciplined faith is distinctive and discipleship marks in a distinctive way. There are converts everywhere but fewer disciples. 


Ezekiel 27:1-8 | John 14:6 | John 17:6 | Ezekiel 47 | John 17 | Verses@Once

Declare The End

The thing most difficult to face is often precisely where the Lord is leading. His plan is not just to confront, His plan is annihilation. His leading aims squarely at details you’ve successfully neglected—until now. Thankfully the resulting warfare suctions hidden and sinister elements to the surface so those are more easily discerned. Everything hidden shall be revealed. It’s time to declare the end! 

Critical to God-given destiny is the point where we met ourselves and subsequently lost the struggle for control—of everything and everyone. As the Lord works, in all that He does, His victorious love becomes the wedge between our lives and the thing poised to destroy us. He is the force that separates our excuses and their bedrock of deceptive and habitual preferences. He comes to declare the end! 

Agree with Him. Judge yourself. Call hidden attitudes and thoughts up, out, and into the light—name them. Declare a guilty verdict against each one. Insist upon the will of God in every well-hidden crevice of heart and mind. Now say to the Lord, My times are in Your hands. I declare an end to strong-willed self-management, and I declare instead Your Kingdom come and Your will be done! 

Declare the end.


Isaiah 46:5-11 | Psalm 51 | Matthew 6:10 | Matthew 11:12 | Psalm 31:15 | Verses@Once


Compassion marked the ministry of Jesus Christ. As Christians we imitate that compassion. No matter what part of the world you live in, this distinction stands out. It marks and makes you distinctive—a disciple of the One whose compassion opened the way to the Father, for all of mankind and for all time.

Humanistic compassion is different. Humanism is human-centered, making human beings, not God, the center. The difference is that the Lord’s compassion centers on the love of the Father, for humanity and for all life. Social or religious philosophies cannot rise to the value God places on every human life—a value based on His own divine and compassionate love for creation. God is Creator and humanity is His creation, not the reverse. 

Humanity’s need is not just for rescue. The deepest human need is redemption – restoration of relationship to a loving Creator, “our Father.” In responding to physical or emotional needs only and not to man’s deeper need for relationship with the Creator, secular ethics based in terms of mere human dignity cannot compare to true compassion initiated by God: The miracle of redemption through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 


Matthew 14:14 | Matthew 15:32 | Psalm 37:37 | John 14:6 | Psalm 103:1-5 | Verses@Once  

Ordained Genius

“I will give you the treasures of darkness, 
And hidden riches of secret places,
That you may know that I, the LORD,
Who call you by your name,
Am the God of Israel.”  Isaiah 45:3 NKJV

The most essential element in human genius is the providential link between God and mankind. 

Fossil fuels, minerals, precious metals and other naturally occurring treasures are extracted from the earth, a work done by men, God’s chosen stewards of His creation. 

Time and technology converge, connecting authority and ownership with commitment and patience to unearth treasure what’s been there all along—hidden. 

Even those who don’t really believe in Him receive portions, gain insight, and prosper from His design, a future reference point when they might turn, and acknowledge His benevolence.

Mankind’s savvy, though significant, is not the source of genius. God is. He commands first. 


1 Corinthians 4:5 | 1 Corinthians 2:7 | Romans 5:8 | Psalm 51 | Verses@Once

And So We Lead

God’s people represent His divine strength on earth. They are empowered by the Spirit to establish His Kingdom in places of human authority. 

The combination of human authority and God’s authority brings heaven to earth, and through the Holy Spirit gives to men the enviable position of living life on earth as heirs of an eternal Kingdom.  

And so, we lead. We set the pace. We challenge the status quo. Hope anchors the soul and the Lord’s joy is our strength.

The Lord who began a work will complete it; with Him we are more than conquerors and no weapon formed against us can ever prosper. We are created in His image to do like works as He and we overcome enemies today by the blood of the Lamb and our spoken testimony. 

Our portion is not limited but vast, and by His hand we are delivered from darkness into marvelous light to inherit an everlasting Kingdom.

And so, we lead. 


Coming Thru!

We realize much is at stake. It’s why we pray fervently, living circumspectly, redeeming the time! In times like these the LORD sends special grace to snatch some, awaken others, and still others He literally surrounds—under, over, and around them—until they gain strength and secure their appointment with destiny. There is grace to break through!    

This grace includes the hand of the Lord pointing the way to return, literally turning us around and bringing us back to something missed or walked away from. The Hebrew word teshuvah means to return and refers to examining one’s own soul in order to return to the LORD in a significant way—return to His path and align with His purposes, focus on right placement and right connections, taking action to reposition or relocate when necessary. 

The Bible speaks of prophetic times when a line is drawn between what the Lord approves and what He doesn’t. We are in such a time. A season of tumult and turning, of pointing us to the truth. That as believers our lives are distinctive because Spirit of the Lord breaks through to make known the Father’s will to us and puts His goodness on display through us. He intervenes and supernatural help is dispatched—coming thru!


Deuteronomy 30 | Ephesians 5:15-17 | Verses@Once

Cliff Hanging

Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the Lord: His going forth is prepared as the morning; and He shall come to us as the rain.” (Hoses 6:3)

In every God-inspired venture the person with sufficient maturity to obey the Lord emerges to lead. Their faith gives substance to inspire hope that moves forward until the path becomes visible in a natural sense.

If your mission today calls you to be that leader, confront difficult doors with faith-filled words—faith will open them! Along the way, if the process becomes risky, that doesn’t mean your direction is wrong—use your faith! Others may not see what you see but they can come alongside to work with you if your leadership is decisive.

For you and them, deciding to move forward or remain in safe, less-complicated territory, remember the example of our Lord. He kept moving! Jesus understood times and seasons and, prompted by His Father, in right timing and the place of God’s choosing, He kept moving according to divine mandate.

Follow His example. Refuse to hang between multiplied mental possibilities. Fear waits in situations like that to, at an opportune time, take over your leadership and dominate your decision-making. Don’t be distracted by worst-case outcomes that paralyze faith. Move forward, away from the precipice of indecision Apart from your active faith, there can be no substance or evidence of God’s leading. 

Do as our Lord did. Keep moving. Follow His voice decisively. Resolve to move forward, one step at a time. You are empowered to do as He tells you. 


Hosea 6:3

Believe Him

Jesus told Lazarus’ sisters Mary and Martha if they could believe, they would see the glory. That’s how we are to believe, to see glory! We do—we believe the Lord, that all He has promised he will do. We believe Him, and not only believe Him but also expect His glory. We believe. 

In prayer, believing Him, we fully expect a spiritual awakening in this land—in the culture and among the people and congregations—a forward thrust and redemptive outpouring that awakens us to His power, with reports of personal deliverances eclipsing those we’ve heard or read about. 

It matters what we say, it matters what we pray. Because Jesus presides over each confession, receiving words spoken in His presence. Like Him we aim to speak as the Father speaks and do as the Father does, and we, like Jesus, believe we are one with Him—Father, Son and Spirit. 

Pray this way: Almighty God is working in my life and the life of my nation. I believe His awakening is here! He assigns government and authority according to His end-time plan. I decree sovereign, supernatural rescue for impossible situations with powerful divine interventions. The Almighty God stands up… ready to act! 

Believe Him. 


Daniel 12:1-3 |  Job 37:7 AMPC | John 11:40-44 | Verses@Once

Faith, Not Fear

Faith and fear are opposites. For example, fear is frantic but faith speaks shalom—the peace that comes from being whole. By faith, anything the Lord entrusts to me I am to steward, keep, advance, and express exactly as though the LORD were doing it.

Some believe fear is useful to create faith but that’s not true—fear can never produce genuine faith. Faith only comes from God’s Word, period. That’s it, nothing else—no technique, formula, pretense. 

Listen. Fear has never produced faith. Fear only leads to more fear but faith always produces more confident faith plus peace of heart and mind. Don’t mistake the difference.

Discern your situation. Determine your motivation – is it faith or fear? Faith begins where the will of God is known so know what you believe. Then boldly live your belief, by faith!

Test yourself. Does what you say produce faith or fear? Speak what you believe—that’s your faith expression. Words matter as does lifestyle. People around you read what you believe. They listen to your words and watch your lifestyle. Others aren’t edified by exhaustive words and terminology that amends the Word of the Lord. Instead, simply speak the Word.

Discipleship is critical, spiritual maturity easy to spot, and the spirit of faith speaks.

What did God say?
What do I believe about what He said?
Have I embraced HIS words, and
do I trust Him completely?
Boom. There you go. 


2 Corinthians 4:13 | 1 John 5:14-15 | Verses@Once

Perception Is Everything

Perception may not be everything, but impressions create an expanded version of the way something seems, making it seem real, making it seem true. A wrong impression, even with no basis in fact, grows to take on a life and spirit of its own. Try finding the end of that rope!

It’s the same with our human perception of God. We perceive Him on a level we can relate to, that we comprehend mentally. For example, the Bible contains the accounts of numerous divine visitations, instances when the Lord or an angel or angels appeared to men and women. Those with the experience could not fully grasp it.  

That’s because the human experience demands explanation. So how do you explain the Lord’s appearing to you? When man in his humanity interprets the divine, the explanation of the perception is likely something inferior. 

Similarly, people judge others according to what they would do under the same circumstances or what they think they know about the facts in the situation, even taking liberty to change or add to those facts. It’s their perception.

And they judge spiritual matters, even God, in the same way—on their level, within their experience, limited by mindset and lifestyle, filtered by the mind; they interpret by their intellect despite being limited factually about the heart of the matter or heart issues involved.   

Since mankind is like this the Lord says to us “abstain from every form of evil.” Even the appearance of evil. While it is true that God knows the heart and a relationship with Him is totally a heart matter, on the outside, among those around you, the human condition trusts in and takes its queue from appearances rather than true heart issues involved. 

Abstain from every form of evil – even the appearance of evil.


Matthew 28:1-7 | Ezekiel 40:1-4 | Verses@Once


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