Daily Devotions

You Have The Upper Hand

The Kingdom of God is a government. As citizens of that kingdom-government, believers have authority to proclaim and enforce thru prayer biblical truth and principles. Truth’s opposite is expressed in deception, a way that seems right but the end thereof is not right.

In the last days, the Lord promised to pour out His Spirit. One aspect of His outpouring is increased numbers of believers trained in the knowledge of Kingdom authority, confronting deception and philosophies aligned with it.

Today pray for your family and nation – enforce your prayer covering OVER them, refusing to trust in man or make mere flesh your strength. Stand today on the side of hope. Pray for the exposure of deceptive men. SEE the Lord’s goodness and turn completely to trust Him.

Say to the Lord, ALL my hope is in You! He has the upper hand.


Proverbs 14:12, Psalm 11:2-3, Acts 2:16-18, Jeremiah 17:5-7, Verses @ Once


Disciplined behavior is a built-in safeguard to keep the path ahead aligned with divine purpose.  What would we do without discipline’s training for life and what would we do without teachers who mentor and train according to discipline?

We also see the snare that comes with refusing discipline. For those who despise oversight and corrective input from others, a path is carved by flesh-desire . . . avoiding authority, manipulative, resistant to godly principle, presumptuous and self-destructive, self-willed, pretending to be wise, and emboldened to thwart the Lord’s plan.

Undisciplined flesh speaks loudly. Undisciplined areas reveal the true story, usually a distortion of the one believed by undisciplined flesh and usually precursor to its downfall. Pride comes before a fall.

As Christians, we are doubly blessed—trained biblically by mentors and led by the Holy Spirit, a distinctive unique to Christianity. In Bible examples, those who modeled God’s leadership praised such training. Today also, we recognize the worth and are grateful to the Lord for mentors who train us to recognize discipline and for the Spirit’s leading to mature us spiritually.


2 Peter 2:10 | 2 Corinthians 3:2 | Verses@Once

Lost Things Recovered

When you pray to find anything that’s lost or misplaced always believe for complete recovery. Believe for total restoration spiritually and emotionally of anything precious that’s been snatched away. Believe the Lord’s hand is stretched out to save. Believe Him to restore anything lost from your life.

Think of it this way. For the believer, anything lost is already found. That’s key. The Lord knows the exact location of anything that’s lost. If it’s something really precious, like a relationship due to misunderstanding or devilish intrusion, or something material like a home disaster or financial failure, the principle of recovery applies to you if you can believe.

The Lord is there! He is LORD of everything that concerns you and anything lost or stolen is already in recovery mode. It begins instantly, literally as soon as you ask.  In the case of something literally destroyed, believe your situation may end better than it was before. If you will stay in faith.

And, if you can believe it—don’t miss this part—the Lord is moving now to restore and recover, sooner rather than later, so it’s important to open your heart to believe, and by faith, work with the Lord in prayer to see the desired outcome.

Ask Him to restore, but also declare restoration: “The Lord shall come and behold, His reward is with Him!”

Amen – so be it!

Isaiah 40:10, Isaiah 62:11, Verses@Once

Fit To Rule

The double-minded man can’t receive very well—his instability isolates him. If allowed to govern, that instability becomes contagious, resulting in poor leadership and low creativity. Practically and spiritually, the most destructive consequence of a double-minded leader is that God-given authority is sacrificed for convenience resulting in a bottom-line, clear as a bell message that “weakness in leaders is okay.”

It’s not. That version of leadership is selfish, spiritually immature and unfit to rule.

If I say one thing but do another, others recognize the inconsistency; and when something promised is different from what in fact takes place, others know integrity is lacking. Instead of a firm stand with commitment to what’s right, my leadership causes those who follow me to conform to my leadership example—they become like me. Weak leaders produce weak followers.

A godly ruler is chosen. Righteousness exalts nations and people. The Lord sends support to those who insist upon righteous rule, something we especially value in difficult times. Therefore, our prayer is for right leaders, positioned ahead of time, before destruction; leaders equipped to “take the heat” when stakes are high, resisting the influence of those willing to compromise for personal gain.

Graced with a single eye, one chosen to rule is a watcher. They are positioned to watch. An interloper is no match for their discernment. Under their watchful eye the righteous occupy – assigned by God to right the wrong and lead right-down-the-middle through valleys shadowed by death. Among those sent by the Lord to rule, yes means yes, no means no, and actions bear fruit consistent with words spoken.

The Word of the Lord is first of all pure. No mixture.


James 1:8, James 4:8, Daniel 2:21, Exodus 18:21, Proverbs 14:33-35, Matthew 5:37, Verses @ Once

Gifts And Calling Remain

For God’s gifts and his call can never be withdrawn. (Romans 11:29, NLT)

Situated at crossroads of trade and cultural exchange, ancient Israel was blessed with divine favor to live distinctively among all peoples. God’s plan was that Israel—supernaturally chosen and gifted by God as special, favored, and blessed to live above the norm—would gain distinction as a people and therefore bring glory to Almighty God.

Throughout history, Israel’s distinctiveness has attracted the world’s attention as both land and people increasingly become one with divine purpose and calling to woo all nations to their God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The Christian’s call and spiritual gifting is like Israel’s – distinctive and designed by God to mark, favor, and distinguish believers, a display of divine purpose drawing all men to the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob . . . the God of our fathers, to God our Father.

Factually however, Israel did not fully respond to the call and, considering how little the Christian’s spiritual gifts have been understood, neither have we. For the believer, like Israel, much of the gift and call is ineffective, primarily because of lack of knowledge and also, truthfully, because of negligence.

Despite her supernatural genesis, the Church’s enticement to be like the rest of the world is sufficiently strong to dilute the mission. Bottom line, many believers aren’t really sure what God intends for them.

Israel’s lifestyle succumbed to exotic competition from other peoples and their gods. So have we. The standard is blurred, the mission compromised, and chaos in the culture confusing. Instead of realizing “it is He who has made us and not we ourselves” we run on heights and fall to depths, intoxicated by the rush and acting like we are in charge. We are not—He is.

To recover the life style we’ve lost, we must first clarify who we are, what we are doing and why. A Christian worldview and mature discipleship are priority if we are to turn chaos around and get things straight. His mercy is new every morning!

Israel will never cease to be God’s plan and our stand alongside her is settled—period. For us as the Body of our Lord, we must clearly identify our gift(s) and calling and get into position as the Body of our Lord and advance His mission to draw all men and nations to Our Father – the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


Psalm 100:3, Romans 11, Verses @ Once

Panic Attack

Panic is not from God—panic is magnified fear and there is no fear in God.

The fear-base of panic comes from various sources—torments developed from an accumulation over time of every fear ever recorded in your character, occurring all at the same time! Satan is the real source of extreme, uncontrollable fear and torment. He is the culprit.

For many people, the experience of being panicked to the point of being out of control is real. Fear and terror produce chemical changes in the body, like physical sweating and a rapid heart rate. A sense of terror results when extreme fear of what cannot be controlled reaches the human brain. Science has identified the chemicals released and the imbalances produced. The experience can be devastating.

The good news is that God designed the human mind to clear itself, to give thoughts about fearful expectations and terrifying experiences stored in the mind, back to us to be controlled by us. When that happens our response depends on what we believe about fear’s power to control us. Strengthened by the Lord we deny fear’s domination and choose instead to believe God’s love delivers us from every fear!

The Lord does not condemn. His compassion extends to anyone suffering panic, whatever the cause! If you are fearful allow His compassion to fill you. Cooperate with Him to receive deliverance for your whole spirit, soul and body.

Say aloud every day:
In righteousness you shall be established; you shall be far from oppression, for you shall not fear; And from terror, for it shall not come near you. Indeed they shall surely assemble, but not because of Me. Whoever assembles against you shall fall for your sake. Isaiah 54:14-15


Romans 10:17 | 2 Timothy 1:7 | Psalm 139:13-15 | Psalm 91 

Spirit, Soul, Body

God created us speaking spirits. We have a soul and live in a body. We are triune beings who live by faith in His leading. He speaks to the spirit of man—the heart—to guide the soul and the soul—the mind, will and emotions—guides the body. We are born again by the Spirit, soul and flesh transform and we are changed: Faith to faith, strength to strength, and glory to glory by the Spirit of the Lord!

Never allow mistakes from the past to be the foundation for your future. Refuse to build even one day on an injustice done to you or on mental comparisons that dwarf or humiliate you. Those things do not define you. God loves you, His creation, unconditionally and works behind the scenes, often when least expected, to get us back on track and keep us there.

Concentrating on wrong paths from the past opens a mental door, side-tracking again and again. Instead, continue going forward, choose God’s will for your life as the one single definition you consider. Build upon strengths you do have. Write the vision. Make it plain. Implement the written vision. One step at a time.


1 Thessalonians 5:23, Habakkuk 2:2, Romans 1:17, 2 Corinthians 3:18, Verses@Once


God’s Kingdom is not shaking. “Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace, by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear.” (Hebrews 12:27) 

Today we progressively receive—we are receiving, present tense—an unshakable Kingdom. We invite the Lord into every detail of the day: Lord, I pray Your unshakable Kingdom come; [so that] Your will is done . . . on earth . . . in the same way as in heaven.

Kingdom is the container—the setting, mindset, strategy, prayer and intellect—for the inheritance we are receiving, reserved for us in heaven and brought into our today (right here on earth) when we pray: Lord, Your unshakable, incorrupt, undefiled and clear-as-a-picture Kingdom, COME!


Hebrews 12, 1 Peter 1:3-10, Verses @ Once

Free Yourself

Recently I read again the story of Harriett Tubman, who as a female slave experienced unimaginable suffering and physical scarring in captivity and was responsible for starting the Underground Railroad in America in 1849.

A Christian, Harriett often retreated to nearby wooded areas to pray God’s help to endure. She eventually married a freed former slave but Harriet was not free, her status remaining “carrier” of slavery, doomed to pass on slavery to her children.

This crossroads of her struggle drove her yet again to the secret wooded area to pray, pleading with God for freedom. Harriett heard the Lord’s answer “free yourself” and amazingly she understood it was up to her, the Lord had released her. Harriett obeyed. She ran. Finally reaching the border of a free state Harriett had freed herself. The former slave who came to be called ‘Moses’ lived to be 92.

Free yourself.  That’s powerful. The Lord “fearfully and wonderfully” created you. What you do with His creation is your stewardship response. Just as an enslaved woman understood freedom’s price and risked everything to be free – for her and her children and all who would follow her lead – you are able to free yourself.

Steward the creative gift you are. Obey the Lord. Whatever He tells you, do it.


Psalm 139:13-15

Medicine Man

If your challenge today is health-related remember God is the one true medicine man. If you have a diagnosis, begin speaking His Word to its root source, not just to symptoms. Your first line of defense in a spiritual problem is spiritual, and that means words. Sickness is spiritual as well as physical so speak life. Identify root causes and concentrate your efforts there and resist the symptoms, in Jesus’ Name.

The order is spiritual first, then physical. If you prioritize the physical side first you may be in for a long, hard slog. Instead, prioritize the spiritual side and take authority over this spiritual attack on your physical body. Resist!

If prescription medicines are needed, be sure to release your faith as you take them for the result you want. Talk to them. Release your faith. Declare their benefit and take authority over harm caused or side-effects. Keep it spiritual—stay in the Spirit. Don’t allow Satan to accuse or condemn you—he is a legalist and will taunt if you “had sufficient faith” you wouldn’t need the medicine. Ignore him. He’s not the boss!

Take control. Draw from God’s strength by every means—through people He sends to strengthen you and through every available outside means the Lord brings—to come and walk beside you thru this, to undergird your faith. Most importantly be sure to “mingle” faith with everything. Confront sickness, not in your own mental or emotional strength, but by faith! Don’t panic. Remain focused on the Word.

Until you have full revelation of your healing—that you are healed now. present tense rather than future tense—use every weapon available including medicine and raise your expectations! You are coming out on the other side—delivered! I like that!


Hebrews 4, v.2 Hebrews 11, v,6, Genesis 6:3, Luke 17:6, Verses@Once


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