A Clear Trumpet

Daily Devotions

Scripture likens God’s voice to a trumpet, a clear and distinguishable sound. The message He intends is a clear trumpet. Our desire for the prophetic ministry of Shirley Weaver Ministries is to clearly speak the Lord’s message to our culture and world.

1 Corinthians 14:8, Acts 20:20-21

Daily Devotions

End-Time Perspective

“But you, O Daniel, shut up the words and seal the Book until the time of the end. [Then] many shall run to and fro and search anxiously [through the Book], and knowledge [of God’s purposes as revealed by His prophets] shall be increased and become great.”  (Daniel 12:4, AMP)

For Christians in many parts of the world, daily life-and-death battles dwarf problems common to most believers. Their struggle is to survive daily threats and brutal oppression—more brutal than we can imagine. 

We care deeply for fellow believers where religious liberty is threatened, where despite increasing persecution and murder of Christians, international protest is scarcely voiced except by compassionate individuals and organizations who, because they work to help relieve suffering in every way possible, are also at risk. 

Even free and more civil societies are often veiled in ignorance and blinded to the passion of previous generations who engaged on behalf of those being persecuted for their faith. Such blindness is the mentality of our day. Still, many dograsp the urgency and pray effectively. They know because the Holy Spirit knows; they pray because the Holy Spirit prays!

From an end-time perspective, God’s plan trumps everything. The strategies of the Antichrist—that lawless spirit “already at work” among men—will not succeed. God is moving behind the scenes to deliver His people like Bible examples of His divine rescue. 

God is omnipotent. His Spirit is at work “to will and do of His good pleasure.” Against impossible odds, today—right now—His Church believes and trusts the Lord to accomplish His plan, in His time. The Lord leads. Discern His leading. Guard your heart and words. Remain confident in God’s Word. Pray.

Men ought always to pray and not faint. 


Daniel 12:4 AMP | 2 Thessalonians 2:6-8, AMP | Philippians 2:13 | Luke 18:1, NLT | Verses@Once

Daily Devotions

This Is The Refreshing

Isaiah 28 gives insight into God’s offer to refresh the weary. His refreshing gives strength for the day ahead, encouragement for every challenge, and inspired ability to prosper in the midst of those challenges. Consider the possibilities. 

An economic downturn cannot drain us when vision is fresh—when inspiration moves us to reach for more than average. Hearts revive when rest is the core. Whatever you are facing and despite anything blocking the path, supernatural refreshing makes it possible to skillfully navigate and go straight through to the desired end.

“Whom will he teach knowledge?
And whom will he make to understand the message?
Those just weaned from milk?
Those just drawn from the breasts?

For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept,
Line upon line, line upon line, 
Here a little, there a little.

For with stammering lips and another tongue
He will speak to this people,

To whom He said, ‘This is the rest with which
You may cause the weary to rest,’
And, ‘This is the refreshing . . .’” (Isaiah 28:9-12)


Isaiah 28:9-12

Daily Devotions

Positioned Well

“This I know: the favor that brings promotion and power doesn’t come from anywhere on earth, for no one exalts a person but God, the true judge of all. He alone determines where favor rests. He anoints one for greatness and brings another down to his knees” (Psalm 75:6-7, TPT)

You are positioned with purpose, assignment, and a plan. You have inherited a wealth. Your position is a gift. Among those positioned this way, some think they did it… think that they achieved this position. Others, not positioned well at all but not willing to remain on the sidelines either, observably elbow their way in, insisting their place and position from God will not be denied.  

Always, Jesus is the example. He chose the Spirit’s leading and, therefore, the Father’s will. Jesus came for that very purpose to do the Father’s will. Your choosing brings the same Spirit and leading and the same supernatural way of life He demonstrated. His example of humility is key. Besides inheritance from those who have gone before, you are positioned well because of His life’s example and His Spirit’s lead. 

Consider what you will invest into this position of yours. Never forget the rock from which you were hewn—the place where you were nurtured and carved out, your launching place. Invest humility and expect to reap accordingly. You are positioned well because of the plan that sent and supplied you—launched and promoted you. Your presence makes a difference. It’s why you’re there. 


Psalm 75:6-7, TPT

Daily Devotions

Medicine Man

If your challenge today is health-related, remember God is the one true medicine man. If you have a diagnosis, begin speaking His Word to its root source, not just to the symptoms. Your first line of defense in a spiritual problem is spiritual, and that means words. Sickness is spiritual as well as physical so speak life. Identify root causes and concentrate your efforts there; resist the symptoms, in Jesus’s name.

The order is spiritual first, then physical. If you prioritize the physical side first, you may be in for a long, hard slog. Instead, prioritize the spiritual side and take authority over this spiritual attack on your physical body. Resist!  

If prescription medicines are needed, be sure to release your faith as you take them for the result you want. Talk to them. Release your faith. Declare their benefit and take authority over harm caused or side-effects. Keep it spiritual—stay in the Spirit. Don’t allow Satan to accuse or condemn you—he is a legalist and will taunt that if you “had sufficient faith,” you wouldn’t need the medicine. Ignore him. He’s not the boss! 

Take control. Draw from God’s strength to undergird your faith by every means—through people He sends to walk beside you through this, and through every available outside means the Lord provides. Most importantly, be sure to “mingle” faith with everything. Confront sickness, not with your own mental or emotional strength, but by faith! Don’t panic. Remain focused on the Word. 

Until you have a full revelation of your healing—that you are healed now, present tense rather than future tense—use every weapon available (including medicine) and raise your expectations! You are in the process of coming out on the other side—delivered!  


Hebrews 4, v.2 | Hebrews 11, v,6 | Genesis 6:3 | Luke 17:6, NLT | Verses@Once

Daily Devotions


“Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace, by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear.”  (Hebrews 12:27)

Today we progressively receive—we are receiving, present tense—an unshakable Kingdom. We invite the Lord into every detail of the day: Lord, I pray Your unshakable Kingdom come; [so that] Your will is done… on earth… in the same way as in heaven.

Kingdom is the container—the setting, mindset, strategy, prayer, and intellect—for the inheritance that we are receiving, reserved for us in heaven and brought into our today (right here on earth) when we pray: Lord, Your unshakable, uncorrupted, undefiled, and clear-as-a-picture Kingdom, COME!


Hebrews 12 | 1 Peter 1:3-10 | Luke 11:2 | Verses@Once

Daily Devotions

Creation’s Design: Male & Female

Blessing is God’s design for His creation, separating those who belong to the Lord from the state of being and way of life engineered by Satan in setting up his kingdom in the lives of men and women. The Bible term for Satan’s design is “curse,” and it means the opposite or absence of “blessing.” 

God’s blessing on my life means everything; if I squander His blessing, my life will change course to go down a path He never intended. It is mine to choose. God gives every person the choice—blessing or curse.

A society cannot decide, nor can a government. It’s simple. If someone decides to rewrite God’s plan, they should remember nothing is better than the plan God gave. “So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. Then God blessed them, and God said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply’ ” (Genesis 1:27-28).

God loves you very much, but you are not greater than His Wisdom for you. He loves you, hates destruction, and will not allow you to rewrite His plan for mankind because destruction is the inescapable result. That voice you hear to the contrary is the provocative voice of Satan—he does NOT love you: “Now the serpent was more cunning (trickster)…And he said, “Has God indeed said….?” (Genesis 3:1).

God will not forsake you, but neither will He allow you to re-engineer what blessing really is; no matter how intelligent you feel that you are or how enlightened beyond God’s Word you believe you have evolved, the true reality is that His design is greater.

If you are seeking answers, there is help. Open your heart to the Lord. Never give up on yourself or your situation. Because of confusing influences, many suffer in ways God never intended. Despite Satan’s attempts to mislead you, or how unbearable you feel or how hopeless it has become, you are not alone. God will never stop drawing you to Himself. He has the plan.  


2 Peter 3:9 | Genesis 1:27-28 | Genesis 3:1 | Verses@Once

For meditation:
Genesis 1, NLT
Genesis 2, NLT

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