A Clear Trumpet

Daily Devotions

Scripture likens God’s voice to a trumpet, a clear and distinguishable sound. The message He intends is a clear trumpet. Our desire for the prophetic ministry of Shirley Weaver Ministries is to clearly speak the Lord’s message to our culture and world.

1 Corinthians 14:8, Acts 20:20-21

Daily Devotions

Domino Effect

Indecision has a domino effect—an inevitable succession of related events, each caused by the one before, action or hesitation to act, affecting others as we go. The longer I consider whether or not to obey God, holding to my own way and reasoning, the more labored the process becomes, for me and also for those who cannot move until I do!

In your decision-making, guard your heart. Don’t mingle ungodly counsel with your own fearful meditation of worst-case scenarios because the result of that one-two punch is a struggle, and possibly a difficult, bitter outcome. Don’t dig yourself into that hole. 

Instead, refuse unbelief and take authority over thoughts, reasoning, counsel, or fear associated with delayed obedience to the Lord. Remember whatever situation you’re faced with, God is already there! Draw strength from His Word. Read it aloud until His words dominate your thinking and decision-making.

The domino effect works both ways. Welcome back.


Psalm 1

Daily Devotions

The Gifts And Calling Remain Forever

For God’s gifts and his call can never be withdrawn.”  (Romans 11:29, NLT)

Divinely situated at the crossroads of trade and exchange, ancient Israel was blessed with favor to live distinctively among all peoples and cultures. God’s plan was that Israel—supernaturally chosen and gifted by God as special, favored, and blessed—would live above the norm, gaining distinction as a people to bring glory to Him.

Throughout history, Israel’s distinctiveness has attracted world attention as both her land and people increasingly demonstrate a unique purpose and calling to woo all nations to her God.

Israel will never cease to be God’s plan, and our stand alongside her is settled—period. And for us, as the Body of our Lord, we should clearly identify our gift(s) and calling so that we get into position, fill the ranks as the Body of our Lord, and advance the mission to draw all men and nations to Our Father—the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

The Christian’s calling is like Israel’s—designed by God and marked with favor, a display of the Lord’s purposes—to draw mankind to Him. Selah!


Psalm 100:3 | Romans 11 | Verses@Once

Daily Devotions

Stewardship Of

Stewardship of anything—life, money, possessions, home, or community—reflects an understanding of personal responsibility to cooperate with the Lord’s plan, with His lordship. We see the way some people steward what they have and wonder how they get away with it. And to be honest, since all that we are and everything we have is given by God, we should also admit that observers of our own stewardship could question how we justify what clearly appears to be the squandering of our gifts. 
The physical body, for example, is a gift from God. Anyone refusing to make healthy food choices or reduce portion size or refusing to feed oxygen and nutrients to the body through the discipline of exercise obviously believes negligence is okay. So, again, if we’re honest, from a stewardship perspective, it is easy to see that often people find themselves in the condition they are in because it is what they’ve chosen. The human body can only take so much abuse. God is not the cause of resulting crises; failed stewardship is.
Psalm 100:2-3, KJV | Psalm 139:13-15, KJV | Verses@Once

Daily Devotions

Discernment And Understanding

Understanding is basic to intellectual strength. To have understanding means that you can, in a simple and basic way, take action to improve or remove, analyze, and intellectually determine. In spiritual mattersunderstanding is a powerful key to spiritual strength, and the spiritually mature person knows that this understanding is more than intellect alone. 

Two Greek words, phronesis and sunesis, both meaning “to understand,” explain two levels of understanding—one basic and intellectual, the other spiritually discerning and perceptive.

  • Phronesis (fron’-ay-sis) is basic understanding that is practical and analytical. This understanding is intellectual or moral insight. It includes prudence or wisdom, results in action taken, and is necessary to taking the correct action. “We do not cease to pray for you, and to ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding” (Colossians 1:9). “Brethren, do not be children in understanding… in understanding be mature” (1 Corinthians 14:20). 
  • Sunesis (soon’-es-is) is discernment and judgment with a greater depth of understanding in addition to the basic phronesis. Jesus’s understanding was unusual for a boy only twelve years of age. He comfortably discussed spiritual matters with top leaders and teachers, impressing them with his depth of understanding. This term signals the ability to put together for clarity, to clearly discern and quickly comprehend, to discern and critically assess: “All who heard Him were astonished at His understanding and answers” (Luke 2:47).

As followers of Jesus we have sunesis, the same understanding that He possessed. We gain this understanding from His Word and presence—Emanuel, God with us. The spiritual person judges all things and is prompted by Godly understanding, so their decisions are not limited to surface pretense. For them, decisions are more accurate because they have supernatural insight. I believe that much of what we call prophetic insight today is this kind of developed, disciplined, and mature understanding that enables believers to discern the true nature of things.


1 Thessalonians 5:21 | Matthew 1:23 | Deuteronomy 6:5-7 | Psalm 119:11 | Verses@Once

Daily Devotions

Joined To The Cry

As God’s people, we rally to a spiritual trumpet, a sound discerned in passionate hearts, interpreted with spiritual understanding. We are privileged to discern the “spirit cry” of others, to prayerfully demand justice be restored to them. We hear the mother’s cry for her children and the children’s cry for innocence.  

Remember to discern when pressures from natural circumstances compete for your attention; when sensitivity dulls, insight is lacking, perception is shallow, and the spiritual trumpet is silenced to favor convenience.

As one with spiritual might, stir yourself up, join your voice with their cry. In prayer, press God’s Kingdom into the heart of the matter; with your intercessions, decree “justice to the fatherless and oppressed so that man, who is of the earth, may not terrify or oppress them anymore.” Continually declare – Kingdom of God come, will of God be done!


Matthew 6:10, AMPC | Psalm 10:17-18 | Isaiah 50:4 | Verses@Once

Daily Devotions

Do Good To Israel

Each year, I look forward to the Jewish High Holidays, the fall feasts of the Lord. I appreciate these special times of remembrance for the Jewish people and as a season of revelation for the Church of our Lord concerning His appointed mo’eds, His set-apart times, established by God and kept by His people. 

In this Jewish holiday season, God remembers your goodness to His people, Israel. He remembers your prayers for her and the kindness you have shown to her. He remembers that you share in His desire to againdo good to Israel. He remembers that you have stood with her.

The Lord remembers, and His heart is to reward your righteousness. He rewards you because you favor His righteous cause. Drawing from Israel’s history, Zechariah prophesied something that the Lord is determined to repeat in her future. God promised to show His goodness to Israel! You are a demonstration of Zechariah’s prophecy.

Concerning the Lord and His Word, for Israel and for the Church, everyremembrance is treasured. Days of difficulty when His love disciplines us are good, as also are times of divine favor and reward. Anytime I purposefully call to remembrance the Lord’s hand in my life, His profound goodness covers and lifts me.

The Jewish feast days this year remind us as Christians to invite the goodness of the Lord and His eternal season (Heb. mo’ed) to enter our hearts. Hallow the Lord in your home. Make room for Him. Celebrate Him. Celebrate His goodness. His plan is eternal.

When He is for you, who can be against you?


Psalm 35:27 | Zechariah 8:12-15 | Zechariah 8 | Verses@Once

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