A Clear Trumpet

Daily Devotions

Scripture likens God’s voice to a trumpet, a clear and distinguishable sound. The message He intends is a clear trumpet. Our desire for the prophetic ministry of Shirley Weaver Ministries is to clearly speak the Lord’s message to our culture and world.

1 Corinthians 14:8, Acts 20:20-21

Daily Devotions

Recovery of Lost Things

The recovery of lost things is a recurring theme in the Bible. The book of Ezra, especially chapter one, explains how God moves by His Spirit through human spirits to restore that which has been lost or stolen to rightful ownership—to righteous ownership. God as Judge presides eternally in the affairs of His people; His justice is supreme and He is not willing that anyone, or anything, be lost.

Actions that dishonor the Lord make us vulnerable to loss. In the course of human history, Satan the thief has received considerable cooperation from those humans; however, at no time did God intend it to be so. The blame must be placed where it belongs – all have fallen short of the glory of doing it God’s way and following His lead. (Romans 3:23)

Through repentance an entrance for recovery to begin is created. Biblical repentance is toward GOD with faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ; that is, true repentance toward God joins with faith in all His Son died to obtain and uncommon changes take place. Thrones are changed, time and timing have their way, and by repentant faith, the Kingdom is received from the One who said it is His pleasure to give it. (Acts 20:21; Daniel 7:27; Luke 12:32)

Historically we find that recovery of lost things is part of biblical Christianity. In Ezra 1, God stirred the spirit of an unbelieving Persian king and moved upon the spirits of all those in the region to retore His people back to Jerusalem where they rebuilt the walls of the city and established the house of the Lord once again. God’s original intent was restored through those who were stirred by the Spirit of God.

“. . . repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ.” First, repent before God; then turn your faith toward the Living Word, God’s Son and our Lord Jesus Christ.



Ezra 1
Romans 3:23
Daniel 7:27
Luke 12:32
1 Samuel 30:8, 18
John 1:14
Acts 20:21

Daily Devotions

The End Is Better

We gain revelation as we begin to understand more about what is taking place and realize that what was hidden before is now unveiled, in a good sense. Everything is subject to revelation! Everything around us is “in process” of being uncovered, including the negative things that may actually do us harm; but also, and especially, the Lord’s positive design is being laid out and connects us to the future. The Lord reveals His plan for us so that we can “see” what He has envisioned and realize He will bring to pass the details and timing. Our part is to continually declare the end of our faith because the end is better!


Ecclesiastes 7:8
Isaiah 46:10-11
Luke 12:2
Job 8:7
Job 42:12

Daily Devotions

Surface Level Only

I love Psalm 42:7. The words “deep calls to deep” impress upon me the concept of something being said that is beyond the surface of what I typically hear. And, in fact, we know many times there is more to what is taking place in our lives than that which is observable on the surface. Psalm 42, vs 6-8

We miss a great deal by choosing to operate on a purely surface level only. There is depth to the real, to the true reality of any situation, and we only obtain that truth by going deeper. The passage in Psalm forty-two points to this principle: The writer is first discouraged, actually depressed, and the situation at hand seems hopeless on the surface; then, in response to the Lord’s call to him, a different picture develops and a complete turn-around occurs—in just three verses!

Today, your turn-around lies in allowing the Lord to call you to a deeper place; a place where His plan for you becomes your daily declaration: “Through each day the Lord pours his unfailing love upon me, and through each night I sing his songs, praying to God who gives me life.” Psalm 42:8, New Living Translation


Daily Devotions

Strength On Loan

There are times when we need someone to stand beside us. Someone who, just by his or her presence, supplies strength that seems to go into us, their very presence making the situation better and our spirits stronger. Jesus’ ministry was marked by this very thing—strength went forth from Him into all kinds of people. The Gospels of Mark and Luke refer to this exchange of strength as ‘virtue’, or miraculous power. Virtue went forth from Him and into the people and their lives were instantly marked, and changed.

“And Jesus, immediately knowing in Himself that virtue had gone out of him, turned him about in the press, and said, Who touched my clothes (Mark 5:30)?”

“And the whole multitude sought to touch Him; for there went virtue out from Him, and healed them all (Luke 6:19).”

The Hebrew word for this virtue is gevurah, meaning “miraculous power” or “strength”. In the book of Revelation that strength is miraculous power manifested in God’s people: “And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ; for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night (Revelation 12:10).”

Many realize the same possibility to represent the Lord in the earth right now—today! Think about it. When the Lord is present, shouldn’t there be strength available to comfort, heal, or to do whatever is needed? Or should we say the Lord has changed His ministry? No, He gives abundant life and when the He is exalted in an individual’s life He works through them in powerful ways to add abundant life to any situation, now—today!

His Presence in our lives should make us powerful with the ability to minister. Every believer should be able to claim that possibility. Just the presence of the Lord in our midst ministers life and rebukes the accuser who taunts with destructive accusation. To the degree we are aware that Jesus wants to bring His Presence into situations through us, we can essentially begin to operate as virtuous and strengthened people, as those who supply strength to those who need His strength. We have strength to loan!


Mark 5, verse 30
Luke 6, verse 19
Revelation 12, verse 10

Daily Devotions

Small Things

Small things train us for greater things and reveal how we will respond in both the big and small. When spiritual opposition comes our way, its activity is meant to provoke spiritual disobedience; and with every instance of spiritual opposition there is a level of predictability of how we will respond.

The predictable measure is God’s Word. The degree to which God’s Word is known concerning the source of the challenge and our role in causing it in the first place, and the degree to which that Word is truly settled in the heart of the believer and is therefore “final authority” in the situation, is the degree to which we are realistically able to obey as the Lord leads us through. Ultimately, such knowledge is a predictor of whether we can obey the Lord, or not.

Biblical obedience is not partial obedience. To obey in part only, effectively means we take control of the rest. Disobedience is seldom an outright thing; more subtly, in the part where desire holds onto human lordship in any area, we struggle for its control and predictably disobey the Word. In areas of life where we fear the worst, a divided heart will struggle to remain enthroned.

Knowledge of God’s Word can change that. We are limited by anything we are not convinced God will handle, particularly in critical or life-threatening situations but also in small things. Knowing His Word convinces the human heart of His power to deliver and convicts the heart that doing it any other way is sin.

Small things reveal our heart. To know the Word in small things and to maintain obedience in those matters is to grow up—mature. Practice in small things matures us for obedience in larger things. Someone has said that peace, shalom, will be the greatest sign upon the life of the Believer in the end-times—peace, despite the greatest pressure and multiplied spiritual opposition. Facing opposition, God’s Word sown in the heart today produces the fruit of mature faith—steady, not moved!


Matthew 25:21-23
Zechariah 4:10
1 John 4:4

Daily Devotions

Spiritual Day

Today we pray for the Kingdom of God to come and for His will to be done. Our hearts strengthen with expectation and every fiber of body, soul and spirit lean into the Holy Spirit’s leading, prepared for the day.

Prophetically we see what is ahead—the Kingdom and the power and the glory of God, realizing we are called to it! While religious men move according to method, those who are Spirit-inspired move with divine prompting, unction and the witness of the Spirit—born from above and developed in the secret place of the heart, prepared for such a time as this!

Many proclaim the folly of trusting the Lord absolutely and obeying Him fully. Despite such winds of human pride, men and women of God do not flinch nor yield at all to pride’s possibility, but with wisdom’s confidence and strength of spirit discern the times and take the day!


Matthew 6:10
2 Timothy 3:16-17
Hebrews 11:8
Esther 4:14
Psalm 10:12-13

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