Speaking of being decisive, leadership in every area and level requires solid decision-making: Fathers and mothers as leaders in the home make important decisions daily for the family they are charged to lead; also employers, as leaders in the workplace make many decisions impacting the lives of those under their leadership.

The Lord calls us to courageous, decisive leadership; otherwise, weak leadership that tends to not make the decision God is asking for is the result. When leaders are weak and indecisive, authority is squandered and progress is impossible.

Authority acts like a vacuum; when left unoccupied the place of authority is filled by the next strongest influence—usually a person; and that person will take over your God-given authority—the same authority the Lord gave to you to steward.  

This kind of take-over is precisely that, a take-over. One Bible example is the weak King Ahab whose weakness allowed Queen Jezebel to rule in his place. And did she ever rule! We see the same influence today when a decisive leader is absent. Authority theft is gender-neutral—in both men and women, the struggle for authority can be seen working and it will break the harmony of the home or workplace.

Make the decision, call the shot, and lead before the unauthorized one does.  


1 Kings 21:1-16