The thing most difficult to face is often precisely where the Lord is leading. His plan is not just to confront, His plan is annihilation. His leading aims squarely at details you’ve successfully neglected—until now. Thankfully the resulting warfare suctions hidden and sinister elements to the surface so those are more easily discerned. Everything hidden shall be revealed. It’s time to declare the end! Hallelujah!

Critical to God-given destiny is the point where we have “met” ourselves and subsequently lost the struggle for control—of everything and everyone. As the Lord works, in all that He does, His victorious love becomes a wedge between us, and the thing poised to destroy us. He is the separating force between us and our excuses. God doesn’t accept excuses but calls for an end to those along with deceptive habits and preferences tied to habitual excuses.   

Agree with Him. Judge yourself in areas that until now have refused “the knowledge of God.” Call those attitudes and thoughts up, out, and into the light—name them. Declare a guilty verdict against each one. Insist upon the will of God in every well-hidden crevice of heart and mind. Now say to the Lord, My times are in Your hands. I declare an end to strong-willed self-management and and I declare instead Your Kingdom come and Your will be done!   

Declare the end.


Isaiah 46:5-11 | Psalm 51 | Matthew 6:10 | Matthew 11:12 | Psalm 31:15 | Verses@Once