Moses faced tremendous opposition—literally the forces of hell. Charged by God to lead the Hebrews outof Egypt’s slave kingdom, Moses looked bondage in the eye and declared to Pharaoh the revelation he’d received from the Almighty, Israel’s God.

Moses decreed deliverance. God’s presence came! Brutal men grew more. Others yielded to divine intervention, the Spirit’s lead. Egyptian masters relented, gathering gold and jewels for Israel’s sons. Wealth transferred to chosen hands and Israel was delivered out of bondage.

Our deliverance is no less supernatural. We see a fourth man in the furnace, walking! Firstborn children are delivered and marked by the Lord for destiny. You, with your children and your children’s children, are quickened by the joyful sounds of this season of deliverance.


Proverbs 13:22| Daniel 3:25|Exodus chapters 3 thru 15| Verses@Once