Knowing those divinely assigned with you is important. Their strengths support the plan He has shown you. Those He chooses add increasingly as your assignment progresses… sufficient strength to begin plus the necessary talent-mix added as you go.

In the process, avoid any who are spiritually undisciplined, those with a stay-at-home mentality who cannot discern an when a door has opened and timing is right. Undisciplined people and attitudes are dull. Their focus is inward, usually selfish, and does not risk because they cannot risk. Yoked with an attitude like that you’ll become mired down with it.

When the Lord joins you to someone, He chooses disciples who know to pray first and are willing to run ahead of the rest when necessary; those with supernatural wisdom greater than man-made strategies. Choose them—join strength with them. Theirs is strength you will need.

Never be unequally yoked.


Ephesians 4:15-16 | 1 Chronicles 12:8-9 | Verses @Once