Satan is behind anything that comes to steal, kill or destroy. Resist him. Use words—aloud! Every time, resist him! He will flee. As often and as many times as necessary, stop what you are doing and resist him—the blood of Jesus is against Satan! Release your faith according to God’s plan, do it now.

  • Radically change your routine to prioritize reading and meditating in the Word. Bible truth sets free and faith from God’s Word is the strongest reality there is.
  • Breathe in God’s wisdom about the physical body He created for you. Understand the brain needs oxygen from exercise and proper food.
  • Eliminate high sugar content food. Preservatives and processed foods deprive the brain of real food, producing fatigue, attention deficit, hyperactivity, inability to concentrate, plus attacks of anxiety and panic.
  • Prioritize your thoughts. Instead of meditating worst-case scenarios, re-train your mind-brain to meditate on God’s Word. You must get beyond mere faith clichés.
  • Aim your faith. Write what you believe to be God’s highest plan for you. Say it. Meditate on it. Post it everywhere—in your house, in your car and at work. 
  • Remember God’s peace. He gives it to you. 
  • Fear not!