Ancient Israel’s deliverance from Egyptian bondage is the Bible freedom-model: God brings men out to bring them in. He brings them up to take them higher. And what they obtain as they begin to journey is not the full picture at all but rather the beginning of signs.

Regarding Israel 1) God brought them out to bring them in; 2) by His out-stretched arm and strength of hand 3) He caused an overthrow of their enemies, little-by-little, to give time for them to secure a hold on their new-found freedoms. The Lord planned greatness for Israel but sadly, the nation refused His plan preferring instead a different path.

Like Israel your story in the Lord’s plan for you starts with a beginning of signs. The beginning is your start, not where you want to stay. Like the “beginning of miracles” in Jesus’ ministry at the wedding in Cana, your experience at first is just the beginning so don’t set up camp or become frozen there. 

Discern anything that began in the Spirit but stopped and became a shrine to man, frozen where it began. Declare oneness with God’s direction and pace. Refuse to be shallow. Padded-seat religion is not for those with passion for change.

Choose the heights of the Lord and align with His pace. Choose deliverance examples like Esther (Hadaccah) and Moses (Mosheh). Choose God’s way—His wisdom, His Spirit, His pace and His placement for you.