When the Lord lead Israel out, He empowered them to prevail over enslaving powers. The Lord provided the means. You and I are equipped to do the same. We have God’s Spirit living within, His Word written on our hearts. New doors open to a new season as we are delivered from enemies entrenched in the old. We do it by faith.  

Our example is Jesus’ life. To the degree we believe the Spirit and Word, every contest can be won by faith. He IS the resurrection and the life! Anytime we seek God wholeheartedly, corresponding change takes place. God’s presence in our lives changes us as we leave the old nature and its habits behind and by faith step into the new. 

Don’t allow your own flesh to dictate. Change your lifestyle. Do it today, right now! Otherwise bondage continues to hold you. Dreams and vision die in mediocrity. Never say you seek the Lord’s highest when in fact you are comfortable with second or third best. Rather, make changes necessary to see new doors open. Do it by faith.  


Exodus 12
Revelation 12 (especially 7-12)
John 11:25