Prayer is the correct Bible response when physical symptoms occur. We pray, grateful to Jesus for Calvary’s healing covenant, and refuse the embedded fear sickness brings. And because the fear of disease and the fear of terror derive from the same source—both rooted in Satan’s plan to kill, steal and destroy—as believers, we take authority in prayer to nullify terror-related catastrophes. 

We have the Lord’s authority to resist illness and all accompanying symptoms for our own lives and also for declaring His healing to others. Prayer creates a blanket of God’s protection, shutting out known causes of disease—new virus strains, plagues, hidden germs and bacteria. We resist sickness of any kind and prophetically pray against new diseases before they occur. As believers, we are presently delivered from every curse, including the curse of sickness and disease. Instead of curse, we believe for and declare God’s blessing of healthy, strong bodies!

Today, we repent of anything done carelessly to reinstate sickness’ authority over us. We cast out every spirit of infirmity and related spirits of fear. We pray specifically against breathing-related sicknesses, knowing the Lord cleanses the air we breathe and puts His breath of life into our bodies. We speak to the mountain of curse and command it—move, leave, go! We receive the benefits of God’s love—physically, mentally and spiritually. We receive healing! 

As the redeemed of the Lord… we say so.


Hebrews 11:7 | Psalm 107:2 | Exodus 23:24-25 | Luke 13: 11-13 | John 10:10 | Verses@Once