David experienced the full gamut of regret and humiliation, also great joy and heights of worship. As psalmist writing about his life, David penned the importance of taking everything to the Lord. Habakkuk, too, sought Him this way for divine perspective.  

Everything in life carries core influences that move toward an outcome: Every issue has a mixture of motives and every movement has a spirit that drives it, influencing people to do what they do. In the process surface details may be obvious but less clear is the spirit at the heart of the matter.

It’s why we hold everything before the Lord. He judges and marks some things for removal from our lives. For your part, before lamenting something not right, do as David did. Plead your case! Declare things you have done right. In prayer hold those before the Lord—remind Him.

Prayerfully declare: Lord, you have prepared me for exploits. For days and months and years I have shared in great things by your hand. Today, based upon Your excellence within me and Your Lordship over me, I reach from eternity-present into eternity-future and release my faith… for a miracle.

Amen! So be it!

Luke 21:15 ASV | Psalm 51 | Habakkuk 2:1 | Verses@Once