Too often we live short-term, taking risks we wouldn’t otherwise but for the thing right in front of us, right this moment. And though we live this way, we mentally obsess about what lies ahead, out into the future—wondering, planning, questioning, doubting, risking the moment yet fearing the future. Living this way unwittingly opens fear doors. Attempting to resolve the fear we project mentally, attempting to control everything in general. The resulting chaos is understandable.

Control is never our answer–giving is. Life consists in seed sown. In the case of overcoming fear or fears, by giving we activate faith to believe God, both short-term and for the future. Faith is fear’s opposite so faith is the force you need to debunk fear. Choosing to give rather than hoard—time, talent, things—overthrows self-traps. Sow your life—sow every minute, sow every detail. Release the details, let them go. Give yourself into today. Tomorrow, do the same.