When you pray to find anything that’s lost or misplaced always believe for complete recovery. Believe for total restoration spiritually and emotionally of anything precious that’s been snatched away. Believe the Lord’s hand is stretched out to save. Believe Him to restore anything lost from your life.

Think of it this way. For the believer anything lost is already found. That’s key. The Lord knows the exact location. If it’s something really precious like a relationship lost through misunderstanding or devilish intrusion, or something material like a home disaster or financial failure, the principle of recovery applies to you if you can believe. The Lord is there! 

He is LORD of everything that concerns you and anything lost or stolen is already in recovery mode… instantly, as soon as you ask. In the case of something literally destroyed, believe your situation may end better than it was before. Stay in faith. 

And, if you can believe it—don’t miss this part—the Lord is moving now to restore and recover, sooner rather than later, so it’s important to open your heart to believe and by faith work with the Lord in prayer to see the desired outcome. Ask Him to restore, but also declare restoration: “The Lord shall come and behold, His reward is with Him!”

Amen – so be it!

Isaiah 40:10 | Isaiah 62:11 | Verses@Once