In spiritual life, what you face today is nota repeat of something earlier, regardless of similarities. It’s not the same because you are not the same. The last time you experienced this you were not as mature as you are today—not spiritually, emotionally, or in any sense. God’s strength in you and your revelation and understanding of His will in the situation have all increased.

In spiritual life, remember believers are transformed by the Spirit of the Lord—faith to faith, strength to strength, and glory to glory. Isaiah prophesied the Lord’s government rests on the shoulders of Jesus. That government doesn’t remain the same but is always expanding.

The Lord’s government in the situation increases. Your authority increases as well. In fact, the only thing reduced is Satan’s part—his interference lessens with every pass. In your spiritual life, each day you are more, and you have more. God-level integrity saturates you. Others observe your rise… they see it.

Today you are not the same as yesterday. You’re higher.

Amen, so be it.

Ephesians 1:15-23