The price we pay reveals the value we see, and the value we place on something determines the priority we give it. Ultimately the way we prioritize value and values determines what we can accomplish—at the end, we receive benefits derived from the price we’ve paid. A higher price paid means we’ll handle more carefully than if we paid little or nothing.  

Wisdom’s price, for example, doesn’t appeal to a fool since the misguided foolish heart sees little value in Godly wisdom. It was this condition in Israel’s religious leaders that placed the value of Jesus’ life at thirty pieces of silver—that pittance was actually a measure of their reality. The value of God’s Son to them was the price they paid to eliminate Him.  

Our choice today is the same: Do we squander value to soothe our base desires or do we purchase honor and virtue, a value far above rubies? The Lord’s presence in the center of your home rewards the value found in a wise and virtuous heart. What price are you willing to pay, what priority do you give, and what end result and true condition of life do you want—really?

The price we are willing to pay reveals the value we see. 


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