In this biblical season leading to Pentecost, we expect the Lord’s hand to be in the center of our lives. The brightness of His shining comes, overturning many things not aligned with His will for us while strengthening our confidence to receive the harvest He intends. Were it not for the Lord on our sidethe outlook would be different.

In this prophetic season we express hope and dreams in harvest terms. We sow seed at the beginning, expecting a supernatural harvest. In the process patience is an ally while offenses and being offended are luxuries we cannot afford. We lead like Deborah and gather with generals. We belong with Issachar’s tribe, knowing stakes are high for all concerned. Like Deborah and those with her we have fullness and fulfillment. We’ll come full circle!

We call for a harvest of our prayers—we lay claim to our portions of God-design, overturning haughty plans that threaten. In every place and on every side we receive answered prayer. Gleaning in fields pre-ordained for us, timing’s invitation finally comes and we step into it. We are princes in the royal line of our Lord with strategy and courage for exploits.

Aim above the crowd. Your portion is there.


Psalm 68: 32-35| Psalm 124:1-8| Hebrews 6:20| 1 Chronicles 12:32| Judges 5:15 | Verses@Once