Confident trust that believes God develops in a pure conscience. You and I believe Him best when we guard against anything that contaminates our conscience, against opposing views that contradict Bible faith. Freed of that contamination we more naturally believe Him.  

Human opinion of anything, factual or not, apart from God’s wisdom distracts from sincere capacity for purity, from virtue that strengthens belief, and refuses to question or accuse the Lord when conditions change in a way we don’t immediately understand. 

As inspiration is drawn from the place of purity within, in the inner man of the heart, the opposite of distraction results. Pure, poised confidence in the Lord and His Word becomes a mindset, developed because purity of expression matures as we believe Him more and more. 

Confident belief produces more and greater confident belief. When I “believe God,” I believe He will do as He said He would. Period.


Deuteronomy 1:31-33Deuteronomy 9:22-24Mark 9:22-24John 11:39-41Verses@Once