Babies in institutional care are statistically at greater risk of emotional rejection. Long term, when the critical need for affectionate touch and communication are delayed, children experiencing this separation and isolation do not develop normally. The principle is true for all of us.

The opposite is true when we connect with people who complete us—who encourage and build us up in ways that contribute to our overall well-being. As we grow, nothing compares to those vital connections God puts in our lives—family and friends but also mentors and advisers.

Visionaries especially realize the value of connected, shared vision, knowing the Lord ordains connections to bring like-minded strengths together. In contrast going it alone is possible but, from a Bible perspective, the importance of “two or more” is obvious.

Biblically we know that Jesus’ disciples were sent by two’s, that the Lord places the solitary person in family, and Bible covenants like Jonathan and David’s join the individual to others for divine purpose. God’s plan includes vital relationships—for protection as well as social fulfillment. 

We submit our strengths to the Lord and He joins us with others for multiplied strength. Connecting prayers and intercessions to produce divine appointments, plans, strategies and timings. Simultaneously guarding relationships against anything not in His plan for us. 

Ask the Lord for righteous covenants that are right for you.