We have the Lord’s perspective, a mandate concerning the challenges we face: “A lion has roared, the Lord has spoken! Who can but prophesy?” As members of His Body we boldly engage the culture. We don’t just get by, squeak by, get through the day somehow, or barely make it by the skin of our teeth

No oppression can overcome the Church when each member of the Body engages according to God’s equipping and placement. The Church—prop, pillar and support of Truth—prevails over oppression’s darkness no matter the source. The spirit of oppression does not subdue the Church; rather, spirits of oppression are subject to the Church.      

This is our mandate. That today, each member of the Body answers up or down, “yes” or “no” to heaven’s roar of righteousness. We answer as those on the Lord’s side, a corporate response that steadies and puts things that are out of order back into order. We do the thing the Lord asks and as we do so our lives prophesy His Lordship.                                


Amos 3:8John 10:10Verses@Once