Stewardship of anything – life, money, possessions, home or community – reflects an understanding of personal responsibility to cooperate with the Lord’s plan, with His lordship. We see the way some people steward what they have and wonder how they get away with it. And, to be honest, since all we are and everything we have is given by God, we should also admit that observers of our own stewardship could question how we justify what clearly is the squandering of our gifts.

The physical body, for example, is a gift from God. Anyone refusing to make healthy food choices or reduce portion size or refuses to feed oxygen and nutrients to the body through the discipline of exercise obviously believes negligence is okay. So, again, if we’re honest, from a stewardship perspective, it’s easy to see that people most often are in the condition they’re in because it’s what they’ve chosen. The human body can only take so much abuse. God is not the cause of resulting crises; failed stewardship is.


Psalm 100:2-3Psalm 139:13-15Verses@Once