When something weighs-in on you—as you wake in the morning or just when you are trying to sleep—realize your circumstances and related pressures are talking to you. Don’t listen—you need the Lord’s counsel right here, now! 

Remember this contest is first of all spiritual. A good-evil contest is being waged. Instead of being pressed down with negative effects of where your thoughts are taking you, draw from your stored-up spiritual chutzpah and talk back! 

In this contest you must speak consistent stewardship over your physical body. By faith reach prophetically for your one-hundred-twenty years found in Genesis 6:3. Steward your life and lifestyle to last. 

Live out your “long life” promise to the fullest but at the same time, live as though you have five years to complete your assignment. You have an assignment from the Lord and the quality of life necessary to complete it. 

Think that way. Live that way.