We see it in everything. The greater weight of maturity and discipline, commitment of heart and willingness to contribute is carried by the few. The eighty-twenty rule is obvious—twenty percent of people produce eighty percent of the big picture.
Spiritually, we commend the twenty percenters, thankful for biblical diligence that makes the impossible possible. Their unselfish, others-centered, vision-motivated lifestyle is the Jesus pattern… the proverbial light that swallows up darkness. 
They put the greater cause first and champion needs of others. They are movers and shakers, gracing the public square with exemplary leadership, an example for the rest. Spiritually and practically their portion is rich, giving of what they have, again and again. 
A life that gives this way is a storehouse, a wealth that benefits many. And for the one giving, an exponential harvest—the plowman overtakes the reaper (Amos 9:13). Jesus taught the parable of the minas, “Because you have shown that you can be trusted… I grant you authority to rule over ten fortress cities (Luke 19:17).” 

Authority to rule. 


Luke 19:11-25, The Passion Translation | Amos 9:13, NLT