Today begins Shavuot, the Jewish feast in Bible history when Israel’s God gave Torah to His people, the Jews. Shavuot celebrates the powerful encounter at Mount Sinai between God and the Israelites, when man’s knowledge of the written Word began, an event that forever changed Jewish and Christian history and, literally, the history of the world. Leviticus 23:15-22

Christians today honor this biblical time, referred to as the Feast of Weeks, as staging for a later event when, during the same time of harvest in Israel’s agricultural year, God visited His people in Jerusalem, on Mount Zion, and gave the gift of His Spirit first to the Jewish people and ultimately to all willing to receive Him. Acts 2 

Christianity’s harvest celebration this year identifies with Israel–as born-again believers we stand with her! By revelation of God’s eternal Word and through His Spirit who breathes life into our lives and circumstances, we prayerfully declare strength to our Jewish brothers and divine blessing and peace to Yerushalayim… city of the Great King! Psalm 48:2  


John 14: 15-17