Belief is powerful.

Strong belief structures are sufficient to resist logic and fact. In the process of developing belief, details are stored in the human heart in support of what’s being considered, until the opinion, suggestion, impression, concept, mental image, or plan takes hold. Emotions join in and, not so suddenly, the heart and mind settle in to believe and little can be done or said to dissuade from the belief now entrenched. 

Jesus said that what goes into a man is not what defiles him; rather that which comes out from him is the sinister part and, since what comes out, first went in, it’s wise to guard what we allow in. Selah!

Beliefs transport us to the point of living out belief’s demand. Nations are born, corporations rise to prominence, armies advance, and yesterday’s consensus up-ends overnight, all because someone believed. An idea sown into the consciousness can be developed there to the point of believing and, once we think about it often and long enough, we begin to live as though it were true, allowing everything attached to participate in carrying us to its conclusion. There is power in the process. 

Guard your heart. Too often the Lord’s design for good is corrupted by Satan’s plan for destruction… through wrong believing. 


Mark 7:14-23