Faith and fear are opposites. For example, fear is frantic but faith speaks shalom—the peace that comes from being whole. By faith, anything the Lord entrusts to me I am can steward, keep, advance, and express exactly as though the LORD were doing it.

Some believe fear is useful to create faith but that’s not true—fear can never ever produce genuine faith. Faith only comes from God’s Word, period. That’s it. Nothing else. No technique, formula, pretense.

Listen. Fear has never produced faith. Fear only leads to more fear but faith always produces more confident faith, plus peace of heart and mind. Don’t mistake the difference.

Discern your situation. Determine your motivation – is it faith or fear? Faith begins where the will of God is known so you need to know what you believe. Then boldly live your belief, by faith!

Test yourself. Does what you say produce faith or fear? Speak what you believe—that’s your faith expression. Words matter as does lifestyle. People around you read what you believe. They listen to your words and watch your lifestyle. Others aren’t edified by exhaustive words and terminology that amends the Word of the Lord. Instead, simply speak the Word.

Discipleship is critical, maturity is easy to spot, and the spirit of faith speaks.

What did God say?
What do I believe about what He said?
Have I embraced HIS words and
do I trust Him completely?
Boom. There you go.


2 Corinthians 4:13, 1 John 5:14-15. Verses@Once