David acknowledged his sin and repented to the Lord. Israel’s famous king understood the alignment of divine wisdom with truth so, for him, sin’s struggle to continue in a lie meant an automatic separation from wisdom, a position David as king could not survive unscathed. Nor can we.

A fool says in his heart there is no God – I can do this as long as I want and the consequences will not expose me. The fool says I do not answer to anyone because his foolish heart believes he is not subject to God; he believes God is subject to him and God will “fix it” on a whim, at a time of man’s choosing. A fool cannot accept godly wisdom until the damage is done and it’s too late.

The principle is critical. Anytime we feel entitled to something, believing it is uniquely separate from or not subject to God, or that we can get away with it again and again and justify what we’ve done as though hidden from God, the denial is ours alone. The outcome will mark us.

Wisdom developed in the heart of a child will champion truth, leading to more truth and greater depths of truth. However, wisdom’s opposite, a foolish heart will darken and the child as he grows cannot discern the thing he grips in his right hand is a lie. Consequently, a lying heart is what he conforms to.

The Bible teaches this kind of foolishness can become bound in the heart of a child. Wise parents guide their children in refusing foolishness, choosing wisdom instead. The principle never goes away. Beyond childhood every lie has its consequence. A lying heart is the result.

God’s wisdom is truth. His wisdom is perfectly just and greater than sense reasoning or accumulated learning or mere opinion. Godly wisdom comes through the power of the Holy Spirit who directs and empowers us to conform to it. We are to teach truth, speak truth, and never stop presenting truth.

His truth is marching on!


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