The nations are in tumult. Globally resistance to God and His Son-King is engineered by men who rage against, despise or ignore Him. In contrast, many in every nation know His Presence—the presence of Almighty God—and the joyful sound coming from His camp. These trust in Him and stand with His ancient Jewish people and are mightily blessed.

We pray, Lord, we trust You and in prayer we strengthen divine boundaries, borders established by You. We pray for those in authority, especially those who rule in righteousness according to the Word of the Lord. As we pray, we move mountains spiritually. We declare restoration of all that has been taken and recovery of anything lost. We say NO to death, NO to destruction, and invite instead the Presence of Almighty God, LIFE-GIVER, to rule and restore. As we pray, we usher in covering and protection for those in danger. Throughout the land—north, south, east and west—we call forth sons and daughters, we call them out, we call them to safety. We call for the song of rejoicing, the Song of the Redeemed. We call forth those who KNOW God, the valiant ones, those skilled in rescue. We join with many to become one.    

Amen, so be it!

Psalm 2