Change cannot happen until someone with God-given authority steps up. Unfortunately, we are tempted to be silent and instead of leading our generation for the purposes of God, we yield to the next, strongest influence or most demanding voice. 

In the process, leadership that does not reflect the Lord – a presence that once “in” opposes every valued standard, one by one, until it becomes obvious for all to see – replaces the contributions we should have made. By the time we realize what’s happened the presence that came to take over, has! 

Practically speaking life in the natural can be done, even done well, without a shred of Bible faith. In the spiritual though it’s not the same and Paul made the distinction: We forfeit a higher, spiritual inheritance when we choose the proverbial bowl of stew and its momentary relief or satisfaction. 

The natural life and religious niceties are fine but not where you go in a crisis. When natural manageable-with-the intellect settings change unexpectedly and becoming intensely dark, naturalthings don’t work as well.

In contrast the true spiritual person sees, knows, and speaks with God-given authority, providing answers to life’s challenge, giving words of life not just for personal needs but for those of the whole world! The voice of the one who is spiritual steps up as a shofar blast of wisdom…to calm the storm.  

The voice of the Lord thunders. 


Matthew 17:14-21Psalm 29:2-4Verses@Once