True spiritual prayer is the believer’s great asset. Each day we connect with the Lord in meditation concerning His Kingdom while speaking His Word into our circumstances. Declaration of His Word brings His presence, beginning with the morning devotion time and remaining with us throughout the day. 

Genuine prayer is the norm—nothing mysterious about it, no elitist structure necessary. It’s our winning combination—words from God’s Spirit inspire divine wisdom, literally the word of the Lord.  

At the top of your faith, at the point where your greatest level of faith is operating, and when you’ve done everything you know to “by faith” move that mountain, ask the Lord to fill you with His Spirit, ask for spirit-filled mentors to teach you greater maturity in prayer.

Growing your faith, you’re empowered to stand against anything. As you “stir yourself up” in the spirit of Romans 8:31, you are convinced God is for you and is greater than anyone or anything that can be against you. 


1 Peter 4:11 | Romans 8 | Verses@Once