Most people can admit to personal times when the line of mature, thoughtful behavior was crossed and careless or foolish conduct found expression in words that were likewise careless and foolish – not good. Simply put, foolishness is the absence of wisdom.

So, if single occurrences of foolishness stood alone, isolated from the rest of our lifestyle, that might be one thing but actually, the opposite is true. Actions attract and words establish. A stroll on the wrong side of the line sets in motion allegiance(s) we’d never purposefully choose, the fruit of which we’ll experience in a future setting.

The point is this. We should discipline our behavior and not be careless with our words. Always, always remember, words have power: God said, “Light be!” and the whole universe flooded with light. Words create. Those creative words train those around you so, in fact, it will be as you say. Children, for example, watch and listen then imitate what they see… and hear.  

Words that are full of life are wisdom’s mark. A wise man builds on rock—not sand.


Matt 7:24-26