Every life is a story that others read. For example, my life and what I believe rings true when I share sincerely and naturally, in conversation and my actions. In contrast, pretense doesn’t come across as true – pretense is not natural, not sincere. The person listening can tell. Religious pretense is not God’s highest and best for you.

What I say is what I believe and words reveal my heart and thoughts. People know what I believe by what I say. If I tell you my view and give every appearance of sincerity, what I speak consistently over time lets you know if I really mean what I say. My belief and my words go together. Interrupt my day-to-day words with inconsistent actions and my strength to believe will be less. One tests the other

Words tell our story. For Christians, words reflect beliefs and release faith. In the serious battle for genuinely precious things it makes a difference. Mature discipline orders the words we speak to be consistent with what we believe, a basic part of true Bible faith. Thoughts lead to actions and sincerely held beliefs communicate.

Your life is a story others read.


2 Corinthians 3:2,  1 Corinthians 4:31, Proverbs 14:5